Monday, May 2, 2016

Season 7 Episode 2: "Mission Conference"

Hello Family and Friends,

        We had a great week this week. A lot happened. I cannot believe it is May now. Time is going by so fast.

Tuesday: We did service to start the day at Annedees Closet. It is a thrift store and we folded clothing for like 2 hours. It was fun hahah. Then we had a lesson with a less active and got him to come to the church and do family history work, and he had a great experience. He is coming back tomorrow to do it again. Then we had a lesson with Marcos Lopez at Bishops house. We were planning on teaching the Plan of Salvation, but he told us before we started the lesson that he is not really ready right now, he just wants to give it some time. So we did not end up teaching him anything, bishop and his wife pretty much
bore their testimonies on Eternal Families. They are so solid and are really missionary minded!

Wednesday: We had mission conference in Bloomington. Elder Lowe was playing the piano for some sister missionaries that sang in the conference. So we went early and practiced with them. So we left pretty early to get there on time. Larry R Lawrence of the Seventy and his wife came and instructed us. Wow it was so good! The spirit was so
strong the entire time. He talked about 3 things Unity, Obedience, and Sacrifice and I really liked the things he said about all of them. I think Sacrifice is the one that caught my eye the most. What are we willing to sacrifice to see miracles happen? He just made us really
think and motivated all of us to do some awesome things here. He talked a lot about Baptisms. Our mission is lacking on Baptisms right now and so that was another focus he had. He met with the Leaders of our Mission and they all prayed and set a goal of 100 date sets per month. That is a very high goal, but it is very achievable if rely on the Lord and put our trust in him. Everyone was just so pumped after it to Baptize people. I got to see all my past companions but one of them because he is home. It was so nice! I really love so many people in this mission! It just makes me super happy to see all of them. Oh I
just remembered, at lunch me and Elder Lowe sat down at a table and Larry R Lawrence, his wife, President Forbes, and sister Forbes all sat down by us and just talked to us about red wing. It was like the coolest thing. I sat right next to him and we just talked for like 45
minutes haha! With this 100 date sets per month goal. We also were committed to in every personal, companionship, and just every prayer we say with anyone we pray about this goal. So If you don't mind, please pray for the Minneapolis Minnesota Mission to reach this goal.

Thursday: It went really good. We were super busy. We had like 5 lessons. One was with our investigator Aki and we were so pumped about Mission Conference we decided we would invite him to be Baptized and he said he will when he gets that spiritual confirmation. It was great! Our lesson with him went for so long ahah, he just has so many good questions. Then we had a dinner at the Kennedy's and she made my favorite peach dessert that my mom makes, so that was nice. 

Friday: We did our weekly planning session.. We made some really good plans and goals though! We were actually excited to plan it out because we have a lot going for us in the area. 

Saturday: In the morning we went out to Stockholm Wisconsin and helped a member out with cutting trees down and just cleaning up the yard. The whole Elders Quorum came and helped. It was really great! This Ward is really unified it is great to see that in a Ward. It was also really fun. We then went to a dinner in Lake City ( which is where water skiing was invented ). We went there and we had dinner. Members feed us so much dessert and I really don't like it now. I just realize how bad food can be for you.. I don't like even looking at any sweets anymore, that is weird to hear from me, but I just don't like it anymore haha.

Sunday: We had a great Sunday. We had a Ward Fast for missionary work/a mission fast for the goals we set. Everyone was baring there testimonies on missionary work. Then for 2nd and 3rd hour we listened to this audio fireside called " Missionary Next Door " It is so good. I sent it home. So family, be expecting it soon. If you have the chance to listen to it, DO IT. It really is inspiring. We then had a opportunity to do service at this non members home. The Dunlaps. They asked me to mow the lawn so I did, and it felt great to be working Lawn Mowers again. We helped them all afternoon and they were very appreciative. The guy works for Red Wing Shoes. He gave me and Elder Lowe some work boots that he went and got for us that are $300-$400 for free. It was so sick! Haha.

This week was great. Very uplifting and exciting. Can't believe it is May! It's a great month of the year! :) Love you guys! Thanks for everything.


Elder Anderson

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