Monday, October 26, 2015

10-26-15 (Thunder Bay, Canada) Haunted Forest and Elder Adamson

Hello everyone! Transfers are this next week. Elder Hawkes and Elder Smith left last night. It was pretty sad. I love those guys, but I am also very excited to have a new companion. So me and Elder Long are here for a few days by ourselves while waiting for the two new missionaries coming up. My new companions name is Elder Adamson. I do not know anything about him, but he looks cool. Elder Longs new companions name is Elder Bettridge.

This is what happened the last week of Elder Hawkes mission.

Tuesday: Not too much happened because that was P day. That night I went on exchanges with Elder Lowe. He is one of the zone leaders and is super cool. He will be playing for BYU basketball next season.

Wednesday: Not too much happened this day either. We did some finding and did our time. Then we met with a less active that normally yells at missionaries and tells them to leave, but he was way nice and let us in. I plan to go there soon!

Thursday: I went again on exchanges with Elder Lowe just for the whole day this time. We did lots of finding and we found a young man named Joseph. We set up an appointment but he bailed.. But that was fun still. Me and Elder Lowe just talked about BYU and it was so much fun.

Friday: Elder Hawkes was packing most of the day and then later that night the YSA invited us to go to a Haunted Forest with them. It was so sick. It had this really cool story line. But I was scared out of my mind still.. hahah I guess cause I get scared easy. But it was really cool to do that.

Saturday: I helped Elder Hawkes finish his packing. Then a member called us and asked us if we would meet them at LakeHead University campus and he had a few questions. He is a student there and is really cool, a recent convert as of this past June. His girlfriend just left on her mission to Italy so he was having a tough time, but he is super cool! But later that night we went with a different member to eat at a place called MadHouse, it was pretty cool. They had some really cool music going. One of my favorite songs came on "Mr. Brightside" It just reminded me of the old times riding in the car with my friends.

Sunday: Elder Hawkes said all of his goodbyes to the ward. It was actually really sad! It made me realize how much I love some of the people in our ward here, and how it will be sad when I leave here. But Elder Hawkes is left and he will see his family on Wednesday and on Thursday he is going to a 21 Pilots concert ( Jealous.. ).

But I am very excited to work with Elder Adamson. He will be great! We are pulling a prank of a lifetime this week on them, I will explain it next week after it happens 😏

I love you all!

Elder Anderson

Elder Hawkes' and Elder Smith's last day here:

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Happy Birthday, Mom

Elder Anderson made these videos for me for my birthday. We can see where he lives, hear his voice and see his sweet face. Definitely the best present I could ever get.

Part 2:

10-20-15 Email from Elder Anderson (Thunder Bay, Canada)

Well everyone sorry I did not email yesterday, we had interviews with President Forbes. So we are doing Pday  today. But I got this whole letter typed up, and my ipad just shut off, so right now I am pretty mad. Because it was a good email..

But I met Elder Niel L. Andersen. He came to our stake conference and spoke. I got to shake his hand and talk to him for a minute. So it was really cool. He had like the exact same personality as Jens Nielson (@TNIEL3's Dad ) hahaha same humor and everything. We did lots of driving this week and I even got lost in the forest with Elder Smith on exchanges, so that was a lot of fun hahah :) I played a little bit of hockey on Monday with a family in our ward before dinner it was really cool.

I gave the spiritual thought, I shared a video called " Good things to come " By Elder Holland. I encourage all of you to go and watch it, it is very good, especially the last part.

Mom I am sorry I missed saying Happy Birthday on your birthday, But I love you and hope you had the best day! You are AMAZING!

I am sorry this is an unorganized email. It will be much better next week, if my Ipad is not dumb. I love you all thanks for the emails!

Me and Elder Smith in the forest

I suck at hockey hahaha but it is pretty fun to shoot around:

 Love, Elder Anderson

Monday, October 12, 2015

Email from Elder Anderson 10-12-15 (Thunder Bay, Canada)

Hi everyone! Today is Thanksgiving here in Canada and honestly it is not that cool.. No one plays Turkey Bowl like what the heck??

Well this week we went on exchanges and I went with Elder Long. We started knocking doors and we found two potential investigators so that was good. We haven't stopped by yet but we will this week.

I also found out that this next weekend is stake conference and the Neil L. Andersen from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles will be there.We are trying to find a ride down to Duluth so that we can go. We can't drive cause we only have a certain amount of miles per month and we would be way over if we drove down.

Elder Hawkes is leaving in two weeks from Wednesday. That is so crazy. He is so excited to go home! But will miss his mission a lot. Him and Elder Smith one of the other Elders I am staying with are rooming together at BYU-I. So they always talk about college and what they are going to do and stuff. So it is a little bit tough to here that.. But it is okay! My time will come haha!

The weather here is off and on, the past few days it has been good weather, but sometimes it is terrible weather. I guess Winter here is not supposed to be as bad this year. But people always say that. Hahah normally the missionaries here in Thunder Bay are locked in there house for a week or two weeks at a time because it is -40 degrees outside hahah.

We played soccer on Saturday for a few hours which was fun. I made a joke about how much better America is than Canada and everyone was mad hahaha. But it gets annoying because me and Elder Hawkes get all these
jokes about America. (Mostly related to how we have guns, or that we don't have Tim Hortons) hahah it is so stupid. Me and Elder Hawkes get sick of it.

Sorry this email is very unorganized, I usually bring my journal to email so I can remember what I did everyday. But I forgot it today..This past week is just hard to remember because everyday feels the same. hahah!

I heard BYU had a great win this week. LESSGO

I am doing well though. Thank you for your Prayers and Emails.  Love you all

Love, Elder Anderson

This is me and Elder Hawkes on a roof of an apartment building:
 We are wearing our championship ties in this one:)

Monday, October 5, 2015

10-05-2015 Email from Elder Anderson (Thunder Bay, Canada)

Hey everyone! I had an awesome week. General Conference was absolutely amazing. Back home I took it for granted.. You really do get what you put into it.

Monday: we were at our church for most of the day! We played basketball and soccer and it was really fun! Then we tried to go see some people but none of them were home..

Tuesday: We we to our LandLords house to shower because he offered to let us. Man was his house sick. It was the nicest house I have seen in Thunder Bay, I showered in his shower that was like as big as a bedroom it had multiple shower heads and it was so awesome. Hahaha! Then we went to a member in our wards house and helped him move a treadmill, then had a dinner and was there for a while. They are a really cool family I really like them!

Wednesday: We had district meeting with Elder Long as our new district leader. It was good, but there were a few disagreements between him and his companion haha! Then a couple missionary from Duluth came up
to inspect our place and they gave me my driving card that I need. SO I CAN FINALLY DRIVE YAY! They took us out to Apple Bees and that was good. Haha since I have had my driving privileges I have been driving everywhere.

Thursday: In the Morning we got a call from a less active member asking us to give her a blessing. So we went over there and she chose me to do the anointing. I was so nervous, but the other Elders said I did good. So i was happy I did that!

Friday: WEEKLY PLANNING DAY...😐 We planned for a few hours and that  was not fun at all. But it was good to talk about what we need to do and how we are going to use our members in our lessons. Then we had
dinner with a family named the Holdens and they are so cool! They have so many animals and its pretty fun to be there! Then we played some basketball at the church. I always love that!

Saturday: We woke up did our daily things and then Elder Hawkes reminded me that at a store called "Sports Chek" They have a limited time thing where when you are about to purchase something they give you the opportunity to choose from like 50 coupons and then they take it and scratch the back of it and then it tells you what percent you get off. So I was buying my winter coat that was not cheap and the coupon I picked was the 50% off card. I guess that happens 1/1,500 coupons so it was so rare. Then they told me to go get more stuff and
it will all be 50% off. So I was STOKED!! So I got all my winter stuff for 50% off haha. But more importantly General Conference happened. I loved it! I really like President Eyring's talk in the Priesthood session. I like the story about the Elders Quorum President.

Sunday: We had more General Conference which made me so happy. It was like waking up on Christmas :) I got so much out of these talks. One of my favorites was Devin G. Durrant's about "Ponderizing"  I am going to take his advice and do the Scripture every week. I really liked that! I was very happy with the 3 new apostles. They all are awesome! I cannot wait to hear more from them.

We really are so blessed to have Prophets and Apostles on the Earth today. I know that they are called by God and are his servants. I love hearing from them and it kinda sucks that we have to wait another 6 months to hear from them again. But it will be so worth it. I love them! They help so much. I am more motivated as a missionary.

I love you all so much. Have the best week! Thanks for all the letters and the emails!

Elder Anderson