Monday, May 9, 2016

Season 7 Episode 3: Mother's Day

Hello Family and Friends,

This week was really slow. It was a rough week, but we did get to Skype home and that's always amazing :) I loved that!

Tuesday: We did service at Annedees Closet. That was good! Then we helped out one of the members of the Ward, Sister Vanacek's neighbor who needed some help cause he is moving. That was really good! Then we had dinner in Stockholm Wisconsin, which is a good 35 minutes away from Red Wing haha. We have a lot of members that live outside of Red

Wednesday: we had a lesson with our investigator Joy. We invited her to be baptized and she got mad at us.. That wasn't good. We ended up dropping her because she just doesn't do anything that we say! Then we did service at Connecting Connections for like 3 hours. We helped them clean up. Anything you can think of, they have 4 of that thing. It's the most unorganized place and they have to clean it up, or they are getting kicked out. Hey just have huge garages of stuff just on top of stuff. It's sad. So we tried to help, but we did t really even make a dent In it.

Thursday: Super slow day for us.. Everything fell through. It was so long and just didn't get much done. Days like that are never fun! We went to good ole bro Edwards and we washed the outside of our car. Because we have to clean it up good because we are giving it to the
mission office and getting a new one. We are getting a 2016 Toyota Carolla. We are going to Bloomington to get that this Wednesday, I am excited to be the first to drive it :) then at night we saw a less active member and shared the story of the Good Samaritan. It was really good, I love that story.

Friday: We did our weekly planning session which is never really fun.. But it is effective. Then we went and did some tracting and got like 4 doors slammed in our face hahah. People just don't give you even a little bit of a chance. It's sad how rude they are! Then me and Elder
Lowe Played basketball with some little kids. It was fun hahah. I'll send a little video clip of it. Then we went the Bro Johnson's and talked forever and before we knew it, we had to go home, so we didn't even have a lesson haha.

Saturday: We went to sister caulkins and did some yard work there. We cut down lots of branches on trees and it was fun. We also had a wonderful opportunity to help out her neighbor and her neighbor wants us to come back next week to help. So this Saturday we are going to help again. Service is the best way to do missionary work. I love it! It opens hearts and minds and gains trust. That's how I have seen success. Then we had dinner with the Poppe's and they invited their non member neighbors and it was great. We shared a message about eternal families. Then we had a lesson with a less active in Cannon
Falls. It went well, we brought another member with us, and they just clicked, it was great.

Sunday: We went to church and that went great, I love this Ward. They are really great missionaries. Then we wrote our email for the Ward, then we helped bro Edwards , move some plants and then we had dinner and got to talk to our wonderful families. It was so great! I loved it! I really love seeing you guys. I also got to see my boy Tniel for a little bit. Hahah thanks mom, thanks Tricia for making that possible for us to do that :) it's always hard to say goodbye though😥.

It was a slow week, but we aren't going to let that get us down. We are motivated and ready to find those specific people that are prepared to hear the great and wonderful message. Love you all! Have a great week :)

Elder Lowe and I playing ball:

My good friend from Lake Marion, Bro. Stanich came to visit me and take me out to lunch.  What a guy! He also brought Nate Watkins who also is in that Ward. Me and him were tight!

Just a random picture I took:

I found this on, isn't that beautiful? i guess you guys get to see this. Lucky you!

Love, Elder Anderson

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