Saturday, May 28, 2016

Season 7 Episode 5: "When Ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God"

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope that you guys are having a great last little bit of school. I know I always enjoyed the excitement that summer brings. This week was a bit slow and the area is not doing too great, but we are doing some good things.

Tuesday: we did service in the morning at Annedees closet. That was good, then we helped an inactive member move some stuff around in there house. They live in the middle of no where haha. Then we mowed a members lawn and did a little bit of yard work there. Then we helped another member moving a huge tree that fell down in there yard.

Wednesday: We did service at connecting connections. Man that place is so unorganized it's sad. Then we went back and finished up a couple things we needed to on the lawn we were working on the day before. That night the youth of the Ward made us dinner and it was so nice of them. It was like a farewell dinner from the Ward to him. They went
around and everyone thanked Elder Lowe and then they had us bare our testimonies at the end. They even caught that on video and I have it, haha I will send it to you guys. They made us shirts that they all signed and it was just so nice. They are amazing! I really love this Ward!

Thursday: We went with Bro John Johnson at a place called Randy's in downtown Red Wing. It was good!  Then we did some more yard work at a members home. I have come to love doing service for members. We always ask if there is anyone they know who we can do service for and usually they have someone. It is just a great opportunity and Elder Lowe and I really love it. Then we had a lesson with Bro Edwards, we listened to the talk by Elder D. Todd Christofferson called " Free Forever, To Act for Themselves" I highly recommend reading that. Elder Christofferson is so intelligent. He does not waste even one word in his talks. They all have a purpose. It's incredible. Then we had a lesson with the a less active member.

Friday: First thing in the morning Elder Lowe had thought he lost his iPad at the lesson we had with the less active member, so we called them to see if we could come pick it up and they said that they couldn't find it, but they said to come look. We got there and they then told us that the man of the house had a baby with another women and that she is moving back to Utah where she is originally from and they are getting a divorce. Talk about awkward for us.. They were both right there and it was just so sad! Then we did our weekly planning and that wasn't too bad this week. Then that night we went to see a less active that we were working with about a month ago but she went to rehab for a month in Elk River so we weren't able to see her, so we called her and it happened to be the day she got back from rehab. We showed up and she was ticked off at everything and had kicked her boyfriend out of the house because he had another women in the house. So they broke up and it was just sad and again another awkward moment.. Elder Lowe and I got home that night and were just talking about how grateful we are for the gospel. That if you truly live the gospel principles as a family that you are going to be happy. We both said man we just want to hug our future wife's and tell them that we would never do that to them. Hahah ! But for real, this day was very weird and very sad.

Saturday: We started off the day by going to Sister Caulkins and helping her cut down some branches, and then we did service for her neighbor, pulling weeds and putting mulch down. That took awhile, but it was good. We both love being in the heat and it was nice for it to be hot again. Then we went to a investigator/members home and did service putting mulch down and some gardening stuff. I was using a broom and I guess I pushed to hard on it and I broke the stick on it and it snapped but not all the way and it came back and pinched by finger and it cut it very deep. I might have to get stitches. I am going to let it go and just have like a bandaid on it for this week and see if it heals any. It doesn't hurt at all though. It's just kinda gross.. We had another lesson with the McGrath's and that went
well, we taught a little bit of the Plan of Salvation. We gave them some conference talks to answer some of their questions. 

Sunday: We had church which went well then we helped out an investigator in her parents yard with digging up some grass. Then we had dinner with the Banks and they are super cool. Then we had a lesson with Matthew Jankowski, he is a recent convert and he is from
China. He's a great kid. He works at 3 subways and literally never has anytime to do anything but work. But we got a lesson in with him, we read the talk by Elder Robert D Hales " Meeting the Challenges of Today's World " It's a great talk.

This week was a little bit hard, we aren't have a lot of lessons which makes us sad. It is pretty slow right now, but we are working with the members and really want to gain more investigators. Service has been a great opportunity to receive referrals and new investigators. This is Elder Lowe's last week of his mission and that makes me sad :( But he has a lot great things ahead of him.

I love you guys! Have a great week!!

Love, Elder Anderson

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