Monday, April 25, 2016

Season 7 Episode 1: Elder Lowe's last TransferšŸ˜±

Hello Family and Friends:

Another week just flew by. It's crazy how fast they go by. It was a slower week, but it was still fun. Me and Elder Lowe always have a good time. :)

Monday: We went frisbee golfing with a returning member. He is pretty good, and it was fun doing that again. Reminds me of the times with Dustin and Devin playing frisbee golf. Then we had dinner with a super awesome family, the Kennedy's. Their son just got done with his mission so it was fun to talk to him. We then dropped off A Japanese Book of Mormon to our investigator Aki and a For the Strength of Youth pamphlet because they didn't have any other pamphlets in Japanese.

Tuesday: We did our online study, then we did a little area book work and some planning, We had a lesson with our investigator Marcos at Bishops house that night. We taught the Restoration to there family and it went good. It was just hard to read how he understood it. We actually had his daughter who can speak English and Spanish very well, so she translated a lot of what we said which helped a ton. The lesson went pretty good. Bishop is just so missionary minded and it makes us so happy to see him and the Ward doing such great work. We are teaching Marcos tomorrow at bishops again. It is just great!

Wednesday: We did service at a place called connecting connections. It was good, we just moved a ton of boxes. Then we had a lesson with our Japanese investigator Aki and it went so great. It was the first time that the Spirit testified to him of the truthfulness of our message. We downloaded the Restoration video in Japanese so that he could understand exactly what was going on. He was so touched by the video. You could just see the spirit working on him. It was so great. His wife is baptist and that is holding him back so that is hard. But we are doing our best to get him to come to church.

Thursday: We did service at Annedees Closet. That was good! We met some cool people. It is a thrift store and we just helped around the store it was cool. Then we came home for lunch and my GPS was there, I was so excited about it! It is an awesome GPS and it's going to help me so much. Then we went to Bro Johnson's to fix our bikes up a little, because or District Leader is coming here soon and they are blitzing our area so one of us is going to be on bikes.

Friday: We did our weekly planning.. Then we saw a couple of people. Then Elder Lowe and I went to the church so elder Lowe could practice the song he is playing on the Piano for Mission Conference this upcoming Wednesday. He is a great piano player.

Saturday: From 10:00-5:00 we were doing some yard work at a members home who really needed some help. What's interesting is she is an actual clown and performs all over the state. So she taught us some balloon tricks and how to make some animals, it was kinda fun, just a little bit weird hahah.

Sunday: We had a great week at church. We finally had some non members at church. It was Dwight Hammonds family who came. He just recently came back to the church randomly after not coming for 30 years. So he is turning his life around and it is so cool to see. His wife and daughter are Catholic and they are the ones that came. It was so
awesome to see that:)

This Wednesday we have mission conference and it is going to be so great. Elder Larry R Lawrence is going to be instructing us. The one who gave the talk "What Lack I Yet?" If you have not read that. Go Read IT!!!! It's so good haha! But I have been in Red Wing a month now and it is good. I do miss Lakeville quite a bit. But I am getting used to it here. Thanks for all the great emails, I love hearing from you! Have a great week! :)

Red Wing and the Mississippi River:

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