Monday, April 25, 2016

Season 7 Episode 1: Elder Lowe's last TransferšŸ˜±

Hello Family and Friends:

Another week just flew by. It's crazy how fast they go by. It was a slower week, but it was still fun. Me and Elder Lowe always have a good time. :)

Monday: We went frisbee golfing with a returning member. He is pretty good, and it was fun doing that again. Reminds me of the times with Dustin and Devin playing frisbee golf. Then we had dinner with a super awesome family, the Kennedy's. Their son just got done with his mission so it was fun to talk to him. We then dropped off A Japanese Book of Mormon to our investigator Aki and a For the Strength of Youth pamphlet because they didn't have any other pamphlets in Japanese.

Tuesday: We did our online study, then we did a little area book work and some planning, We had a lesson with our investigator Marcos at Bishops house that night. We taught the Restoration to there family and it went good. It was just hard to read how he understood it. We actually had his daughter who can speak English and Spanish very well, so she translated a lot of what we said which helped a ton. The lesson went pretty good. Bishop is just so missionary minded and it makes us so happy to see him and the Ward doing such great work. We are teaching Marcos tomorrow at bishops again. It is just great!

Wednesday: We did service at a place called connecting connections. It was good, we just moved a ton of boxes. Then we had a lesson with our Japanese investigator Aki and it went so great. It was the first time that the Spirit testified to him of the truthfulness of our message. We downloaded the Restoration video in Japanese so that he could understand exactly what was going on. He was so touched by the video. You could just see the spirit working on him. It was so great. His wife is baptist and that is holding him back so that is hard. But we are doing our best to get him to come to church.

Thursday: We did service at Annedees Closet. That was good! We met some cool people. It is a thrift store and we just helped around the store it was cool. Then we came home for lunch and my GPS was there, I was so excited about it! It is an awesome GPS and it's going to help me so much. Then we went to Bro Johnson's to fix our bikes up a little, because or District Leader is coming here soon and they are blitzing our area so one of us is going to be on bikes.

Friday: We did our weekly planning.. Then we saw a couple of people. Then Elder Lowe and I went to the church so elder Lowe could practice the song he is playing on the Piano for Mission Conference this upcoming Wednesday. He is a great piano player.

Saturday: From 10:00-5:00 we were doing some yard work at a members home who really needed some help. What's interesting is she is an actual clown and performs all over the state. So she taught us some balloon tricks and how to make some animals, it was kinda fun, just a little bit weird hahah.

Sunday: We had a great week at church. We finally had some non members at church. It was Dwight Hammonds family who came. He just recently came back to the church randomly after not coming for 30 years. So he is turning his life around and it is so cool to see. His wife and daughter are Catholic and they are the ones that came. It was so
awesome to see that:)

This Wednesday we have mission conference and it is going to be so great. Elder Larry R Lawrence is going to be instructing us. The one who gave the talk "What Lack I Yet?" If you have not read that. Go Read IT!!!! It's so good haha! But I have been in Red Wing a month now and it is good. I do miss Lakeville quite a bit. But I am getting used to it here. Thanks for all the great emails, I love hearing from you! Have a great week! :)

Red Wing and the Mississippi River:

Elder Lowe and I:

Elder Anderson

Monday, April 18, 2016

Season 6 Episode 7: TWINS GAME!!!

Hello Family and Friends,

This week was so awesome. I am having so much fun with Elder Lowe!

Tuesday: In the morning we had a lesson with our investigator Joy. That went well she just won't keep commitments and that was really frustrating. Then we had a lesson with a member named Jeff Sellnar and we talked about the Melchezideck Priesthood. Then we had an idea because there are so many churches here when we tract everyone says " Oh i go to the church around the corner, BYE (Slams Door)" So we  decided to get in our service clothes and carry rakes around and say "Hey we are looking for opportunities to do some service, is there anything we can do for you?" It was awesome! Some people really took
us up on it and we were able to rake a couple of yards. Service is the way we are going to find teaching opportunities. Later in the night we went with Bishop to Cannon Falls a near by town that is in our area. We taught a part member family and they pretty much only speak Spanish so it is a little bit hard to communicate, but we downloaded a video about temples in Spanish and shared it with them. We talked about external families and it was awesome. Bishop invited the non member to his house for dinner tomorrow and we are going and teaching the Restoration we are pumped.

Wednesday: We did service at a place called connecting connections. That was really good! Then we raked some leaves for this one lady. Then we went to Bro Edwards house and helped him out in the backyard. Then we had Coordination and a lesson with Bro Johnson. There dog went after me again..

Thursday: it was the best day ever!! We went to the Twins game and oh my goodness!! Target Field is so sick. I saw two of my old companions and lots of elders and sisters that I knew it was so much fun. The twins did not play too well they lost 3-1 but Joe Mauer hit a triple which was sick. Ah man that is a day I will never forget. I will send all the pictures that I took!! :)

Friday: We had our normal weekly planning session.. We then went to this less actives house and she almost got in a full out brawl with her neighbor and like the cops showed up and everything it was super intense so we just left. That was very scary!

Saturday: We started the day off with raking leaves at this members home out in the middle of no where but they have a lot of property so that took a couple of hours. Then we had a lesson with a former investigator named Dayle. Then we did some more service, we were able to paint for this guy named Dennis. He is not a member so it was good!

Sunday: We had church and it was a great Sunday, we had a lot of people we are working with come so we were excited about that!! Then we went to a non members home and helped them do some sheet rock and they fed us and we shared a message with them. It was so awesome! They are not investigators or anything, we just asked them if they would
like some help and they said that they would. So we have been helping them and it was just so awesome that they let us share a message. :) 

This week was another great week!! We just got transfer news, I am staying in Red Wing with Elder Lowe for his last transfer of his mission. I am so excited to be with him another one! We are seeing so many miracles here. The twins game was so sick too! Man this week was just awesome, here are some pictures:

Elder Anderson and Elder Lowe:

I took this picture:
 The original four from the MTC:

Monday, April 11, 2016

Season 6 Episode 6

Hello Family and Friends,

This week was a pretty solid week. I really love Elder Lowe we are getting along so well and we just have so much fun!

Tuesday: We started off the day by locking ourselves out of our apartment hahah. So we tried to break in our window and got Bro Edwards to come climb on our roof to see if the Windows were unlocked. But they were locked.. So we texted Bro Hadler and he had a key to our place for some reason, so it worked out. Then like all afternoon we were doing area book work and calling like everyone in it trying to set up appointments. So that was super boring, but it was productive and good to get done. Then we had dinner with the Hadler's they were
telling us about a family who could use some help, they just moved into there house and are trying to fix a lot of the things with the house. So we were pumped about that. So then we went to there house that night and offered to help and it was so awesome. They are so nice and it is a great opportunity to help someone out. Maybe they will start asking questions about the Gospel and we can start teaching them, but we are going to take this slowly. We are not going to shove it at them. It will come up eventually :)  We have a less active member who is literally obsessed with sports. I mean I absolutely love sports and will forever. But this guy literally watches them all day, any sport too. So every time we call him he says there is a game on and he doesn't want us to come over. He told us Tuesday was going to work, we show up to his house and he says Women's College Basketball is on and he told us to leave. Like really? It's pretty upsetting..

Wednesday: We had district meeting and it was awesome to actually get to see some other missionaries. I always enjoy hanging out with the whole district. We then did service for the Dunlap's who needed help around their house. We were there all afternoon and it was so fun helping them out. They are so cool and really like us! He is going to work out with us. He is a manager and Red Wing Shoe and a Athletic trainer. He is super cool. He is going to give us free boots that are like normally $300 hahah. It's sick! Then in the night time we had a lesson with recent convert bro Johnson. He is cool but they have a pit bull and man it is scary. It bit me hard on the wrist hahah. They said he was playing but when is mouth is foaming and he is staring me down. I don't think he was playing haha. It didn't hurt too bad, I moved quickly. But I am a little nervous to go there again.

Thursday: We started off the day with some service. We went to a members home and raked leaves and just cleaned up the yard. It reminded me a lot of the good ole days being on Kunzlers Krew. Then we had a lesson with our Japanese investigator, it went really well. The Restoration is starting to click with him. We just need to get him the pamphlets and Book of Mormon in Japanese so that he can understand it a lot better. But he is really solid!  Then we did service at the Voigts home. We helped them clear a path in there backyard it was a
good time.

Friday: We did our weekly planning session it was so boring. But effective! Then we started our email to our investigator Steve about prophets and apostles. It was really good! We did a good job. Then we made a couple CD's with our favorite conference talks on them. We delivered them to some of the people here in Red Wing that we have been thinking about. Who maybe are struggling a little bit and we just thought that these talks could help them. The talks we picked are " In the strength of the Lord" By David A Bednar and "Mountains to Climb" By Henry B Eyring. I invite you guys to go read them.

Saturday: We had a lesson with a returning less active of 30 years. He came to church out of random a couple of weeks ago. He does not really remember a lot of stuff, so we are just teaching him all the lessons. He is super cool! He loves frisbee golf so we are going to go with him sometime soon, that should be fun. Then we went to Cannon Falls a town in our area, we tried to see some people but they were all not home. It was hard traveling that far and not seeing anything happen.

Sunday: We went to church and it was good, because now I am starting to get to know some of the members here. We then wrote our email to the Ward after church. That is always fun! I will send it to you guys. Our phone broke in the middle of the day for a couple of hours.. That was really frustrating. A less active member actually new how to fix it so that was good haha.

This week was really good! Transfers is next week. Me and Elder Lowe should be staying together. At least I hope so. I want to be his companion when he finishes his mission. That would be cool! Thanks for everything you guys do, I love y'all !

Biggest Boot in the World:

The District: (Elder Lowe and I are going to do service, that is why we're ot in our suits): 

We thought this picture was sweet:

I found Elder Nielson on Gospel Library: haha:

Elder Anderson

Monday, April 4, 2016

Season 6 Episode 5

Dearest Family and Friends,

I hope you all had a wonderful week. I am sure that you did because of General Conference this weekend. I know I absolutely loved conference!!

Tuesday: We knocked on doors for hours. We talked to a total of like four people. It honestly felt like we were the only people in the town hahah. But one of the wants us to come back so that is good! We are happy about that one person.

Wednesday: We had a lesson with our investigator Joy. It went okay, we established our purpose and told her she will not be completely happy in her life is she doesn't keep the commitments we leave her. Then we did some knocking doors for awhile and didn't talk to anyone.. Man this town is just weird. No one is ever home.

Thursday: We had quite a few lessons we taught some recent converts. We taught this former investigator from Japan. His name is Aki Tsuchayi he is super solid. We are teaching him this Thursday, hopefully it all goes well.

Friday: We planned like all day.. Which was good. We set some good goals for those few people that we are working with. Nothing else really happened that day. We did see a few people but nothing really too exciting.

Saturday: General Conference was so sick!! Oh my goodness I loved it. I really enjoyed President Nelsons talk in the Priesthood session. Also, President Uchtdorf's talk was super funny and very good. President Monson did not look to great which made me sad. But the talk he gave was very powerful. It was amazing to see how inspired these apostles and the prophet actually are. They are literal mouth pieces for God. I am so grateful for their words and their love. They really have such amazing testimonies that we can gain so much strength from.

Sunday: Another day of General Conference and it was so great. I really loved Elder Hollands talk to conclude conference. That was so powerful! He has the best talks, you just have to love that guy haha. I was so touched when President Uchtdorf got up after the talk about refugees. He could hardly speak he was so touched. I really enjoyed that.

Something I was thinking about was when I was home and I would watch General Conference. I would like all the talks and think that they were awesome, but I would not do anything about it. We need to take what they talked about and put it into each day of our lives. I know that if you watched General Conference with real intent that you got something out of it, the spirit touched you in some way. We need to strengthen our weaknesses and repent and come better.

This week not a lot happened other than conference. But things are going well. Today is my dads birthday!! So happy birthday dad, I love you!! I even took a picture by a sign for you: