Monday, July 17, 2017

New Investigators :) in Shoreview with Elder Burt

Hello Family and Friends,

This week has been really good. Our area is really picking up and I love it! Shoreview is amazing! Our investigator Amanda was taught twice this week. Once about the Fall and another time we taught about Law of Chastity/Sabbath Day Worship.  Amanda is really solid and is planning on getting baptized on the 29th. So pumped for her! She is so welcomed and loved by the ward, it is just great. We are teaching this week Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and she coming to ward game night Friday and being interviewed for baptism Saturday,  how sweet is that? I love it!

We found a good amount of new investigators this week, the best one we found his name is Julio Perez. He is very solid and comprehends everything he has been taught. Our second lesson with him he told us " I just couldn't put the Book of Mormon down, I just wanted to know what happens next! " he liked the Plan of Salvation and said he had never heard of a lot of it before but wondered questions about it, because he has never really been taught about it!

We biked a lot this week and found a good amount of new people to teach just none are progressing quite yet. Should be soon though! I got 1 more full week as a missionary and I am gonna go all out! Have a great week!

1) Lake Shore Sign I found
2) last p day we rode our bikes to US Bank Stadium from our apartment.
3) riding an old mans tricycle

Monday, July 10, 2017

Sleep Talking My Talk in Shoreview with Elder Burt

Hello Family and Friends,

        This week was a good one. We had exchanges with our zone leaders, I went with Elder Hedin and that was really fun! Elder Hedin played basketball at Lone Peak. It was really fun to be with him for the day, we biked around in the afternoon and we contacted this African man named Henry and he said when we taught him about the Book of Mormon" I want to read this from beginning to end, I love the word of God." Imagine that in a African accent. We set up and appointment with him for Saturday afternoon and we went to meet him at the bike trail we contacted him at and he wasn't there and we called him and I could not understand anything he was saying so we ended up not meeting with him again. We are going to text him so we understand what he is saying, he has the thickest accent. So hopefully he will respond to our texts! 

        Yesterday we gave out talks in church about the Book of Mormon and we had a youth speaker, Elder Burt and I giving talks. I was the closing speaker and both of our talks went really well! It was really awesome to be able to get a little more love/trust from the ward. Haha the night before the talk Elder Burt told me that I was giving my talk in my sleep and teaching about the Book of Mormon. Hahah I thought that was funny! Sunday during the evening, a man contacted us on the street and his name was Buzz he said " Hey you guys are mormon right? What makes you different from the rest of the christians?" So we taught him the restoration and it was sweet! He does not live in our area but hopefully he will read the Book of Mormon! We also contacted another man who was on a tricycle and he was super nice, he is 86 and his name is Charlie and we talked to him for about an hour and set up a time to come back this Wednesday.

        Earlier in the week we went tracting and we knocked into a Muslim man from Africa as well. He invited us in and we taught him a little bit  about the Book of Mormon and we set up a return appointment for tonight! We are pretty excited! He is a solid guy and hopefully we can have a great discussion about Jesus Christ and see how interested this man really is. I love the miracles we saw this week! It really is amazing being out talking to people and sharing the great news of the gospel with them!
My testimony of the Book of Mormon increased this week as I prepared my talk! It is true scripture and I feel very blessed to have the knowledge that I do! Jesus Christ is the savior and I am so grateful for the sacrifices he has made, as well as the better person I can become because of him! Thank you for your emails! I appreciate them!

Photos from the week
1) 4th of July Softball Game
2) a pig we found outside a fast food place

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

President Barney in Shoreview with Elder Burt

Hello Family and Friends,

        This week was good! We taught Amanda Redlund our baptismal date set twice this past week. We taught about the Holy Ghost for one lesson and we taught the word of wisdom for the other lesson. Both went well! She is planning on being baptized on the 29th of July. So we are all pretty excited for her!

        This past week we have been biking all over our area, talking to people on the streets, knocking a couple of doors and doing our best to find people who are prepared to hear the gospel message. We are working hard and have found a couple of people who have potential of being awesome investigators but we will see what happens.

        Saturday we had a meeting at the Edgerton Building with our new Mission President, President Barney and his wife Sister Barney. Wow that was weird that it wasn't the forbes. But only weird for a couple of minutes and then we heard them talk and share a little bit about themselves, share their love for all the missionaries, and share their testimonies. It was truly amazing! This great couple has been called of God to run this mission at this time for very specific reasons. I am very excited to get to know them a little bit.

        Other than that I can't really remember what happened this past week, all the days blend in my mind and its kinda hard to remember. Today for the 4th of July we are having a big softball game with a bunch of missionaries. Each zone is a team and we are playing each other. We are the St Paul Zone and we got a lot of athletes so this should be fun! I love it! I hope you all have a great 4th of July and a wonderful week.

Here are some pictures
1) Amanda, Cameron, and I at a bonfire after a lesson
2)Elder Burt and I