Sunday, May 22, 2016

Season 7 Episode 4

Hello Family and Friends,

This week went by very fast and I am sure these next few weeks will too as Elder Lowe  finishes up his mission. It is sad, I don't want him to leave. I really love him a lot! We have plans to hangout after the mission though so it will only be a short goodbye haha.

Tuesday: We did service at Annedees Closet. Then we came home and had lunch and cleaned the apartment. I can testify that when your apartment is clean, you have the spirit and can feel it much more. I wish I would have done that back home haha. Then we did some cleaning on the car because it was dirty too. We washed it and vacuumed the inside. Then we had dinner in Lake City with the Nybergs. They invited a less active over and we shared a message about Scripture study. This week we were able to study a talk by David A Bednar called " A Resivoir of Living Waters " It talks about Lehi's dream. It is amazing! I highly recommend going to read it and applying what it teaches.

Wednesday: We drove to Bloomington early in the morning and got a brand new 2016 Toyota Corolla. It took a lot longer than we thought to finish the everything because lots of missionaries were there getting new cars. We had District meeting a 10:30 in Red Wing and we were in Bloomington a 10:00 and we hadn't left yet and it is more than an hour drive to Red Wing so we called our bishop to give a key to the missionaries in our district so they could get in the church and have district meeting. Then we got to the church and Elder Lowe and I made Pork Tacos. They were incredible! I love them haha! Then we hiked a bluff in Red Wing and it was fun. Then we went to a members home and played ping pong and other games, it was really fun. That night I went on exchanges with Elder Badder's our district leader. He is from California. He told me he is cousins with Taylor Catmull so that's
cool! I know her! Our exchange was good, we weren't able to have any lessons. But we had a good talk and got to know each other better.

Thursday: We played ball in the morning and that was fun with the Eagan Elders. Then we did service at connecting connections. We then had a lesson with our investigator Aki Tsuchiya. Well actually for the first hour he taught us a little bit of drawing. We drew a picture of Jesus Christ and I will send a picture of it. This guy is amazing though. His paintings go for hundreds of thousands of dollars. This guy is like famous haha. But our lesson was good. We read D&C 9:8 and Alma 32:28. He is very sincere about learning more and receiving that spiritual witness. But he has not told his wife about meeting with us, she just thinks we are taking art lessons from him and not teaching him the Gospel. So right as we were about to talk to him about talking to his wife and telling her the truth about meeting with us. She
walked in and was not very nice at all. I think that she was pretty mad at him and us. So we will see what happens with this whole situation . We were going to our dinner appointment and I was at a stop sign and it was my turn to go and I start going out and this huge truck ran the stop sign going fast and almost hit us. It was scary! I am totally fine mom and dad don't worry I was being careful. It was just a little bit scary.

Friday: Weekly planning.. Really slow day. Like really slow!! We had a dinner with a members in laws that are really Catholic. We had a Q&A lesson. They wanted to know about the temple and just everything. It was honestly awesome. The spirit was there so strong and we might be teaching them the discussions which would make us so happy. \

Saturday: We helped out that same family with a highway cleanup and that went really fast with how many people showed up. It was great. Then we went to Sister Midtoven's and did service in their yard all afternoon. It was good! Then we had dinner with the Nueffer's and Hadler's. We had FHE after and it was weird not giving the lesson. Honestly it was kinda nice that they took over haha.

Sunday: another great day at church. The red wing Ward is so great. Then we helped out the Dunlap's in their yard and then we had dinner at the millers. They are so knowledgeable of the Gospel. We could honestly talk to them all day and just ask questions. Hahah they know the scriptures so well it's so cool!!

This week was slow but good! We are trying to get this area a lot better. It is just hard at times! We know that if we are obedient and trust the Lord that He will work everything out. Thanks for everything y'all do. Miss and love you guys, have the best week!
Elder Lowe and I picking up garbage at the highway cleanup

Bro Edwards 

 Our District at the top of our hike.

The actual picture. Aki's Drawing. My Drawing. Hahah he's amazing.

Elder Anderson

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