Tuesday, September 8, 2015

09-07-15 Email from Elder Anderson (Thunder Bay, Canada)

Hello everyone. I hope that you are all doing well. I am sure that you all are doing awesome because of that BYU game. The Thunder Bay ward here has a few adults that love BYU. So that is awesome that they can update me on the games I love it!

Monday: We had P day until  6:00  like always. At 6:00 me and Elder Hawkes went to a popular park in town and we got some chalk and drew out The Plan of Salvation. He is a super good artist, so it helps since I am a terrible artist haha. We had a lot of people stop and talk to us which was super awesome. We handed out Mormon.org cards and it was just a fun time.

Tuesday; We went on exchanges, and I went with Elder Johnson. We worked super hard! We went knocking on doors forever. But I am learning a lot from doing that. This one lady told us that we need to be "grateful for trees" which I don't understand.. But she yelled at us and it was super scary haha. That night I told Elder Johnson I
wanted to check by the basketball courts to see if anyone was playing so that we could do a "beat ya teach ya" we found these two guys that were mid 20's and it was perfect so we could do a 2 v 2. We started talking to them and I convinced them to play us. We started out and I did a pull up Jumper in this guys face who was 6'5. He wasn't playing tough defense though, I could tell that he was underestimating us. We were playing to 7 and we got up 5-2 eventually. I thought it was going to be so awesome because we were going to get a lesson out of this
because we were going to win. But then all the sudden the guy I was guarding decided to go Beast Mode and he started hitting tons of shots and the way he finished it was with a reverse two handed dunk.😳 I was
shocked and thought we were going to win.. We ended up getting a picture with them Ill send it to you guys. They are super cool. We are gonna meet up again. One of them seems pretty interested in coming to
church so that is awesome. I hope that he comes out one of these next few Sundays.

  Right after we got done playing with those guys we were driving home and it was about 9:00 which is almost time for us to go home. We saw two other guys playing and said lets make this night one to remember and do 2 " beat ya teach ya's " so we ended up doing a free throw shooting contest they didn't want to play an actual game. We beat them ( I beat them, my companion didn't do much haha ;) ) and we got their info and are going to stop by there house sometime this week. So Tuesday was awesome. :)

Wednesday: We had our weekly District Meeting. Which is a little bit boring but it went well. We are doing lots of " Role Plays " which I don't like to do, but help me a lot in growing as a missionary. Later in the day the other Elders we are staying with really liked our chalk idea and drawing out The Plan of Salvation so we found another park in
the city and we did it again. But this time we did a " Time Lapse " to it. ( Which I will send ) It was really so so awesome. We didn't talk to as many people as we would have liked too. But it was still good :)

Thursday: We woke up and we went to a Shelter House and helped make ome food. It was really good service and actually pretty fun too. If you don't know, I am not much of a cook. I was stirring up some meat which isn't hard at all. But then my arm got tired so I switched to my left hand ( which I am way less coordinated with ) and I ended up burning my self and flipping meat all over the kitchen. It was soooo embarrassing hahah. I'm so dumb! Then later in the evening I taught a lesson on the importance of Prophets to a new convert. It went well.

Friday: We did not do too much. We weekly planned for so long. That was not fun at all to be honest! Then we ate at a members house. They are super cool! :) Then we played some basketball at the church and we had a good amount of people show up. :)

Saturday: We didn't do much on either. We went to the library and did a lot of Mormon.org studying which was good!

Sunday: We went to Church. It is so much less stressful when we don't have to speak or teach a lesson. Later in the day we got invited to this investigators house who is Muslim. We didn't realize the whole population of Muslims in Thunder Bay would be there. When we got there it was really awkward. They eventually started talking to us and ended up being really nice. It was just very different and a little bit uncomfortable.

In my Personal studies this week I was reading a talk by Jeffrey R Holland. Called " Lord I Believe " Man it is such a powerful talk. I love having my iPad. It is so nice being able to access any talk or video. I miss home so much! But it has been getting easier. I am not as Homesick as I was before. So I am progressing. I love what I am
doing! I am in the right place. This Gospel is true. I know it. I love Jesus Christ and am so grateful for his atoning sacrifice for us. I want you to know that I am thinking of all of you. You are in my Prayers. I love the emails. They make me so happy, and are such motivation to me. Have the best week.


Elder Anderson

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