Monday, September 14, 2015

09-14-15 Email from Elder Anderson (Thunder Bay, Canada)

Hello everyone.  This week is my first transfer. I find out if I am staying In Thunder Bay or going somewhere in Minnesota sometime today. I am pretty excited to see what happens.

Monday: We did not have P day. Because we wanted to wait for the Zone Leaders to get here and have it with them. But me and Elder Hawkes that night went out trying to talk to people. We found some more guys
playing basketball, did another "beat ya teach ya" and we won so we taught them the restoration. Right after that these 3 high school kids showed up and asked to play us. So we got one of the guys from the first game and played 3 on 3 and we beat them. We taught them The Restoration and then we gave all of them Book of Mormons. It was awesome! It was so fun and such a good experience. I love just baring testimony on the Book of Mormon to someone new. Elder Hawkes said something cool afterwards he said " Every Time you pray before we go finding we teach someone, I love your faith" that was a real confidence booster to me.

Tuesday: We went shopping for our groceries because Monday was a holiday so literally everything was closed. Even Wal Mart like what?? Then we went and stopped by a few less active members but they were not there. So we went to this park and walked around trying to talk to people. We didn't really talk to anyone.. But it was fun because there was like a million ducks and we were playing with them hahah.

Wednesday:   I went on exchanges with Elder Percival. He is a super cool guy. He is from West Jordan, UT. We taught this guy named Matt for like 2 hours. It went well. We gave him a Book Of Mormon. We will stop by Matt sometime this week hopefully. Elder Percival helped me a  lot. He is a great missionary and I am very glad I got to go on exchanges with him.

Thursday:  It was P Day with the Zone Leaders. We went to the Mall for awhile. We then decided to go to the Church and play some basketball and soccer. It was super super fun! Right after that the Zone Leaders left back to Duluth. It was nice to have missionaries that are different for a change. We are so far away from all the other
missionaries it is just so nice to see some new ones. Next week we have a mission conference in Bloomington. That is like an 8 hour drive haha. But at least I will get to see all the other missionaries.

Friday:  We cleaned the house really good. We tend to have to clean a lot because it gets messy pretty  frequently..  haha. Then we went to a members house and helped him fix up his car for a few hours. It was
actually fun! This member is a really old guy and he loves baseball so we got talking about it and he told me that his grandfather caught a home run that Babe Ruth hit. I was so shocked. That is so cool! Later that evening our ward had a " Corn Roast " It was really fun to get to know some members better. What was even more fun though was playing around with the kids. We played games outside for a few hours.

Saturday:  We helped Bro Joe finish fixing his car. Then we helped the other Elders get ready for their baptism. We had a Baptism for someone they had been teaching. It was really cool to be apart of that! I felt the Spirit so strongly. The other Elders did such a good job with it all! She was so happy and it is so cool to see how the Gospel can change someones life.

Sunday  We went to church which was good. Then we had dinner at the Bishops house and we had Mexican food. Wow that was good!! Then we went to another Baptism for just an 8 year old kid in the ward. It was really cool to go to 2 baptisms this weekend. I wasn't having the best day though and me and Elder Hawkes just sat down and talked about it and he helped me a lot. Just by hearing his testimony and how everyone struggles as a missionary.

I am doing pretty good! It is crazy that I have already been through one transfer. So far it has gone by so so fast! I know I am where I am supposed to be, here in Thunder Bay. It may be hard, but I know I can do this. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. It is the Convincing evidence of our Gospel. I know that Prayer is real. Keep praying I
promise Heavenly Father will answer your prayers. I love everything about this Gospel and am so grateful to be sharing it with Thunder Bay. Just like the Hymn says " I know that my Redeemer Lives "

I love you all! Keep me updated on everything. I love all the emails I get from you guys! It helps me so much! Again it looks like BYU dominated in the last minute haha. Have the best week. You guys are amazing!


Elder Anderson

When the Zone Leaders Came up:

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