Tuesday, September 22, 2015

09-22-2015 Email from Elder Anderson (Mission Conference)

Hey everyone! 

Sorry I did not email yesterday, we had a mission conference and I wasn't able to email! But it was a very good week. 

Monday We went to some stores around town that we thought looked cool and emailed and that is pretty much all we did.

Tuesday: Me and Elder Hawkes went and saw a member in our ward. He is super cool! His name is Brian. He always gives us food and buys groceries for us like all the time haha. I also made a goal that I would finish The Book of Mormon before Elder Hawkes leaves. He leaves October 28th But I am doing well with that! He told me that he read it when he was in training and that helped him a lot.

Wednesday: We had a District meeting. Those are always fun. Then me and Elder Hawkes stopped by a less active members house and she was so happy to see us. She is a old lady, and she is very lonely. She started crying she was so happy! We should be meeting with her this next week. She is very nice, I am excited to work with her.

Thursday We woke up and it was pouring rain.. Like terrible. While we were doing personal study the power went out and we weren't able to do much. We could not leave the house because Lightning was close. So we cleaned the house pretty good. Later we ate at a members home and we were there forever. Some people just don't stop talking haha.

Friday We went to the grocery store because we had a mission conference Monday and we wanted food when we got back to Thunder Bay. Later that evening we had a lesson with Bobby. (one of the guys we did a beat ya teach ya ) I committed him to reading the Book of Mormon and pray about it. He seems like he wants to turn his life
around. He is my favorite person I have taught. I really do love him a lot! I know that we can Baptize him. Then we played some basketball after at our church with a lot of people. It was really fun!

Saturday: We played soccer/tag in the morning for like 4 hours with some members in the ward. It was really fun. Then we taught a lesson to a less active member. He has a daughter that is 14 and has a baby. It is really sad! But he wants to get his whole family to church. The lesson went well though.

Sunday:  we went to church and it was the primary program. It was so good. I love seeing little kids testimonies. It wasn't much like a primary program in utah though. There were like 15 kids in the whole thing haha. Elder Johnson said bye to all the ward members after church. Then we went home and packed and got on the road. We drove for
like 5 hours.. we got super bored so we made a video hahah. I will send it! It is super dumb but pretty funny haha.

Monday: we woke up at 5:30 in the morning and got on the road again to get to the mission conference. The mission conference was super good. Two members of the seventy were there. It was really spiritual and I learned a lot! It was also really fun to see a lot of missionaries. Everyone is so nice. Then after we drove another 3 hours back to Duluth and we slept there last night. Then today we are having a P day in Duluth with the Zone Leaders. It was super cool cause we have a new zone leader named Elder Lowe. He is going to play basketball at BYU
when he gets home he is 6'10 and looks exactly like Eric Mika hahaha its so sick.

I heard it was homecoming week this past week. That is so fun! I miss that. I hope everyone had fun with everything! High school is the bestso live it up.

Dang BYU.. I wish that they would have beat UCLA so bad.. ;( I love you all and love the emails! Have the best week!

Elder Anderson

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