Monday, August 31, 2015

08-31-2015 Email from Elder Anderson (Thunder Bay, Canada)

Hi everyone. I have had a good week. 

Monday: We went on exchanges for a little bit, I was with Elder Johnson and we rode to the North side of town on our bikes. It is super busy road and really scary to ride on the side of the road. They have a law that we cannot ride bikes on the sidewalk. Well we are riding by Wal Mart and I was thinking to myself " What happens when a missionary is consistently disobedient? " And in the middle of my thought I smash to the ground. My front bike tire got caught in the train tracks and I wrecked on this super busy road. Somehow both of my ankles twist hahah. It hurt really bad at the moment, it was quite embarrassing. Not that I was being disobedient or anything. Now that I think about it, its a funny experience because it was my birthday too. 😂

Tuesday: I went on exchanges with Elder Smith. We taught a guy named Keshuik. He is from India. He is super cool! We taught him the Restoration. I recited the "First Vision" for the first time. Then we Invited him to be Baptized. He said he would read and pray about the Book of Mormon. I got really excited about that! 

Wednesday: Every Wednesday we have a District meeting at the church with just us four missionaries. That is always good to get some training in. Around lunch time I got in my first argument on my mission. Me and Elder Smith got pretty into it. I won't go into detail. But I got pretty mad. haha! Then all the Elders just started being really annoying all the sudden. I swear just to make me mad! Sometimes I just need to be away from them, but the thing is as a missionary you always are with someone.. So this week we kinda all got sick of eachother.. We will be fine though! 

Thursday: Me and Elder Hawkes had an Idea to go to a popular park and get chalk to draw The Plan of Salvation on the concrete. We went to Wal Mart and we couldn't find any.. That was a little bit frustrating. Our car that we share between the two companionships has a certain number of miles we can use per month. Since a few weeks ago we drove to Duluth and back and took off 700 miles we didn't have any. We were meeting with the Ward Mission Leader which lives super far away. So we rode our bikes all up hill to his house. It was a super long and exhausting bike ride. But we stopped on the way there and found a cool basketball court and hung around it. We took a few pictures. My favorite picture from my mission is taken there. Ill send it! It is the one with the Backboard that says " T-Bay".

Friday: We didn't do much. We went tracting for a bit, but we couldn't find anyone to talk to. Every Friday we play basketball at 8:00. This week no one showed up to play. So that kinda sucked. But it sounds like no one on the SFHS Football team showed up either Friday night ;) Hahah, Jk!! I wish I could be at every game. That is one of the things I miss most. 

Saturday: We were not too busy this day either. Here in Thunder Bay, they have a thing called the "Rib Fest" I guess it is supposed to be the best ribs in the world. It's like a super big event that everyone goes to. Elder Smith got sick, But Elder Johnson really wanted to go see some people. So we did an emergency exchange. I went with Elder Johnson. We talked to so many people at the Rib Fest. I handed out like 15 cards. It was pretty successful. We walked about 10 miles home. So that was kinda fun to see parts of the city that I haven't seen before. We came across these three High School age kids. One boy and two girls. They talked to us forever. They were cool. But then they started flirting with Elder Johnson and I. Even the guy. We found out he was gay! They asked a ton of questions about gays. So we talked about getting married in the temple. We are meeting with them again. They seemed Interested in learning more.

Sunday: I gave my talk on the "First Vision". It went pretty well! I was super nervous. But I found that I learn more for myself when I give a talk or teach a lesson. Later we had a member lesson and I gave a spiritual thought on prayer. Then me and Elder Hawkes met with a less active member. We talked about blessings that come from going to church. 

I love this Gospel! I have learned so much. I can't wait to keep having cool experiences. I love you all! Thanks for all the Emails! I truly enjoy them so much.

Elder Anderson

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