Wednesday, August 26, 2015

08-24-15 Email from Elder Anderson (Thunder Bay, Canada)

Hello everyone. I am doing well! This week went by so fast it is crazy.  Monday we hiked this mountain/hill haha. We couldn't think of much else to do but it was really cool. It had a cool look out view of Lake Superior. Tuesday we cleaned the house like super good and cleaned out the car and vacuumed everything because the next day we were traveling to Duluth for a Zone Conference. Later that evening we had a Member meal. Which are always good, but they feed us so much food it is hard to handle.. Wednesday we drove all day like 8 hours in total. That was not too enjoyable. We played a few games on the way down but other than that it was pretty boring. We ate at Culvers and I always forget that Fry Sauce is only a Utah thing so I asked for it, and he obviously didn't know what it was. So I am still getting used to things haha. When we finally arrived I got to see some other missionaries which was nice. We played some board games and there was another Elder Anderson that loves baseball so we talked about that for a while. :)

Thursday we woke up and went to the Zone Conference. It was actually amazing. We got taught like 5 different things. They were all really good. I learned about " How to be a Preach My Gospel Missionary " And how to study it better. I got to see all these different Missionaries. I realized how lucky I was with my amazing companion. Cause some of the trainers other new missionaries got, were really odd..  I also learned my Mission President absolutely loves Baseball. That made me so happy! In the lesson he taught us in the end, he talked about it, and related it to the Gospel and it helped me a lot. Going away from this conference I was super motivated, I wanted to teach a lesson the next day. Friday we got up in the morning and got on the road back home which kinda sucked driving that long. But we got home at about 4:00, unpacked, ate dinner, and kinda relaxed a bit. Every friday night we go to the church and play basketball. So then we did that for a few hours. That is always fun.

Saturday we woke up did our daily things and then Elder Hawkes said lets say a Prayer and ask Heavenly Father for him to prepare someone to hear our message. So we prayed and immediately started knocking doors.  I was really nervous.. People slammed the door a lot and yelled at us. A guy answered the door naked which was disgusting.. 😐 We finally saw someone that looked like they wanted to talk to us. This guy was from India. As we were walking towards each other Elder Hawkes said " You got this guy " So I went and I talked to this guy and talked about the Book of Mormon he seemed interested. We set up an appointment for Tuesday. He is taking us to StarBucks hahah. But it made super happy that we found someone to teach.  Man it is such a good feeling! 

I found out yesterday my Topic for my talk this next Sunday. " The First Vision " Which I am glad about. All four of us are speaking. We are singing " Bring the world his truth" too haha. Busy Sunday. I am having a lot of fun out here. But it was hard knowing this past Fridaynight SFHS had a football game and I couldn't be there chest painted and all. I would love to know how each of those games go.  So let me know :) 

Today is my Birthday I can't believe I am 19 years old haha. Wow! I love you all so much. Thanks for all the emails. I love hearing from all of you. Have an amazing week. Good luck Football team! 

Elder Anderson🚀

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