Friday, August 21, 2015

08-17-2015 Email from Elder Anderson (Thunder Bay, Canada)

Hi everyone! This week has been the toughest week of my mission. We did not have a lot of success I met a lot of people that did not want to hear anything we had to say. We were sworn at a lot and just multiple people that were so rude to us. We rode bikes a lot so that is really fun. :) I told Elder Hawkes that I want to try and teach someone that plays Basketball on the street courts, or baseball on the baseball fields. So about everyday we ride our bikes and go by the court and field. We saw two guys that looked about 20 years old playing basketball. But we were on our way to an appointment so we could not stop and talk to them.. It was a little bit frustrating. But I will keep having faith that someone will be there one of these times. :) We talk to a lot of people on the streets but most of them are drunk so it is hard to actually have a normal conversation. Lately it has been super scary out on the streets. 
This week we got encountered by a bunch of drunk people. We were riding down May, the main street after 6 (something we usually try to avoid). And this guy asked if we could talk to him. We stopped at just about the only place we would on May St where a bunch of people are mulling around at the bus stops. We quickly realized this guy sitting on the bench was crazy and we're going to leave, when another drunk guy came up to Me and asked if I had cocaine... "No." I answered. "Why you dressed up so nice then?" Only a few seconds later and we are surrounded by drunk people asking for drugs! It seriously felt like we were getting swarmed by Zombies. They came from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. The Crazy guy stood up and started yelling at them. "They ain't got cocaine!" "They church people, go on!" That lost a few of them but they kept asking for cigarettes or anything. "They ain't dealers, now get!" The ones left at this point started confronting the guy "we are going to put you in jail." "I haven't killed a man in 10 years I am not going to jail." With the opening there was we left.. Man it was one of the scariest moments of my life 😮

We had been struggling the whole week and so i had the thought that me and Elder Hawkes needed to pray to find someone to talk to. So we prayed and then went out on our bikes. We went to a near by golf course and we found a guy to talk to it made us both so happy. We didn't end up sharing a message with him, but we talked for about 20-30 minutes. I know that was Heavenly Father answering our prayer. Elder Hawkes has taught me that really every question that we have is in the scriptures somewhere. Personal study has been so essential for me with teaching lessons and all. I have came to love the Book of Mormon more each day I read.

I have came to know some members of the ward pretty good. There are some really nice members that I really like a lot! We have been going to members house everyday for dinner and man they feed us so much food.. We have little time for exercise so i feel like i am getting fat haha. I don't think I really am but If I keep eating at members houses everyday I will..  This past Sunday Bishop asked me and two other missionaries to speak in two weeks haha I am excited about that!

If I have learned two things out in the mission field number one : I am so grateful for what i have back home. Seriously I am so blessed. Seeing how rough some peoples lives are out here make me feel very blessed at home. All of you guys have blessed my life in some way or another and I want to thank you for that. Number two : Never judge someone by the way they look, we never know what they are going through. 

I love you all and would love to hear from all of you :) Have a great week! 

Elder Anderson

This is the view from my backyard.

This is the hoop I bought for the house. 😂

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