Tuesday, January 31, 2017

DULUTH Zone Conference/PDay with Elder Johnston

Hello Family and Friends,

        We have had a good week. I am pretty exhausted right now! The past couple of days have been really busy. Yesterday we had Zone Conference so that is why I did not email yesterday. Today was Zone P day and that is why I am not emailing until this late in the afternoon.

        Zone conference was really good though. Elder Johnston and I gave a training that lasted about an hour. We trained on asking inspired questions. It went really well. I was pretty nervous, but it ended up going really well! We had really good trainings from President and Sister Forbes. They are such wonderful people! I really look up to
them! They have helped me a lot. After Zone conference instead of having everyone leave and go back to their own areas. We decided we were going to have zone p day the next day. So we had everyone go contacting in downtown Duluth for an hour and everyone taught at least one lesson. It was super cool! We then had everyone meet up at Olive Garden for dinner. The rest of the night we sent everyone off to go and see the less active members that are in the Duluth Ward that we have not been able to see yet. We had 14 elders sleeping in our apartment for the night. It was pretty crazy to be honest.

        For P day today we played lots of sports, live hungry hungry hippos, board games and just hung out. It was a really fun day! I love seeing missionaries in the zone. Because we are so spread out it is a little bit hard!

        This past week we got a training from the missionary executive counsel about some changes that will be happening around the world in missionary work. It was an amazing training that i really got a lot from. They changed what happens in the daily schedule just a little bit. Instead of planning at night we plan in the morning. A lot of little things changed! I actually really like it! They found that missionaries were becoming to stressed and they wanted to make the schedule a little bit more flexible to allow missionaries to be agents unto themselves.

        We had a sweet miracle with our investigator Ken. We had a lesson and we invited Erin who is a YSA going to University of Minnesota-Duluth. They connected super well and it was a really good lesson. She does not really believe in a god. She does believe in a higher power. But her faith increased and she committed to reading the Book of Mormon. Ken is 19 years old and she is going to college right now and she really likes meeting with us and learning more about the church! We are super excited for her! We sure hope that she will continue to meet
with us and progress in the gospel.

More happened this week, but I don't have enough time! I will send some pictures from the past week!

Love, Elder Anderson

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