Monday, January 16, 2017

Duluth with Elder Johnston

Hello Everyone,

        I will be emailing a good email this week. I apologize for not updating you very well in awhile. A lot has happened since I have been in Duluth. The zone here is a lot more spread out then the Anoka Zone. We don't ever see the other missionaries in the zone! This was my first zone and the beginning of my mission when I served in Thunder Bay. When I was in Thunder Bay I always thought that it would be cool to serve in Duluth and here I am.

        Elder Johnston is my companion and we get a long really well. He loves sports just like I do. We both are very motivated to do the work and we have a lot of fun while doing it! He is from South Jordan, UT and he played football and soccer. He has a scholarship to play football and the University of Utah. He will be the kicker for them next season! Crazy thing is we actually met before the mission. When we won the state championship in baseball he was there and we talked for like two seconds after the game. Now we are companions!

       The Duluth Ward is really great. Our Ward mission leader Brother Faerber is really cool and I am excited to continue to work with him! We have a set of sister missionaries, a senior couple Elder & Sister Lindsey, and another set of elders that work in our Ward half the time. It has been pretty fun! Here in Duluth we get a truck to drive because of how steep the hill is here. I really enjoy driving it haha! We do not have a lot of investigators we are teaching right now. We do have some solid ones though!

        Anthony is one of our investigators who is super cool. I met him on Wednesday! He has like no money. But he still invites us over and he is like an incredible chef, so he makes us food. He loves the church and is reading the Book of Mormon, he is also reading the Doctrine & Covenants and loving it! He is a good guy. Elder Jones one of the AP's served here in Duluth like 3 months ago and he came on exchanges with me and we went to Anthony's and his girlfriend stole all of his stuff because they broke up officially and she called the cops on him and in the middle of our lesson the cops showed up at his apartment and it was pretty intense.

        This past Monday we drove down to Bloomington for P day to hang out with the AP's and then go to MLC on Tuesday. We went to the Lakeville chapel to play basketball with some other missionaries! That was really fun! We had some good basketball going! Tuesday we had MLC and that was really good. Some big changes are happening in missionary work around the world which is exciting! We have a missionary broadcast on the 25th and they will be announcing some new changes! I am not allowed to say what they are but I am pretty excited for these changes. I saw Elder Newbold and it was really good to talk to him again even though it had only been like a week or so. MLC is always really good, president Forbes shared a lot of good insight on certain things and I always get a lot out of it!  After MLC we had a two and a half hour drive up to Duluth and we drove the STL's with us. We helped one of the sisters write her "Dear John" Letter to her boyfriend on a mission hahah poor guy. It was funny though!

        I am very grateful that I have this chance to serve here in Duluth. This is an area a lot of missionaries want to come to. I feel very blessed to be here! The only bad thing is, this week it is supposed to get down to -25 degrees and with the windchill -40. Now that is cold! Lake Superior makes it a lot colder here. The wind off of the lake, man it honestly just hurts. You can get frost bite if you are outside for 10-15 minutes.. How crazy is that? Right now it is not too bad. But later this week is going to be bad.. All I can say is please pray for me ;) hahaha!

I can't believe that it is 2017 now. I hope that you all have set some good goals and have evaluated the past year! I have really tried to figure out what I can do to improve this year. I am excited to see changes that I can make. The savior will help us with these changes that we desire to make! I know that he can help us!

1. AP's coming for an exchange in Duluth.
2. Elder Newbold and I got caught in the Sister Picture at MLC
3. We went to a baptism for a little boy Andrew in our Ward.
4. I fell asleep on the bed and Elder Johnston took this picture hah.

The rest of the photos are pictures from Duluth

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