Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thunder Bay - a place of memories Duluth with Elder Johnston

Hi Family and Friends,

  I got to go back to Thunder Bay the place where I started the mission. Man it was so cool! I love those people up there! We were there from Sunday evening until Thursday morning. It was really fun! The 4 elders that are up there have all been out for only 6 months or less so it was fun to show them some people I taught.

On Monday evening I got to go to the Holden's home for dinner. They are like my favorite family in Thunder Bay. All the little kids are so cute.

Tuesday we went with the south elders (my old area). A less active/part member family I tried teaching when I was here we had the opportunity of teaching. I found out the wife in the family got baptized within that time. It was super cool! Thunder Bay has had quite a few baptisms since I was there. I was with Elder McNeil who was in Maple Grove when I was in Medicine Lake. So I already knew him and it was super fun! He is a good guy! We were able to do some tracting and we did not teach anyone, but we talked to quite a few people. In the evening we had dinner with the Forneri's another family that I missed when I was gone. They are really fun! That night I got a call from Elder Checketts our vehicle coordinator and he told me that I have been speeding to much.. So my driving privileges are suspended until March 22, a transfer and a half.. So that was a little frustrating. The speed limits are all 30 MPH here in Duluth and it's hard for me to go just 30.. Oh well, I guess I have to pay the consequence.

Wednesday I went with Elder Gabrielson who is the DL up there. We had a good day. We taught a sweet lesson to this African family. We read 3 Nephi 11 when Christ appears to the Nephites . We talked about baptism when Christ teaches how it needs to be done. It was a really good lesson! We then ate at the Wigg's who are a really great family. I love them! Then Thursday morning we headed back to Duluth. We were driving forever to get here. We had a lunch at a member who lives in the middle of no where. It was good!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday we had some cool things happen! We went out finding a referral and as we were getting out of the car, we saw this girl across the street. We both looked at her and then we just continued walking to our destination and we both felt prompted to go and talk to her. We ran across the street and we started talking to her and we were able to help her carry her groceries into her apartment. We found out her name is Ken and she is 20 years old. She is really nice and we have an appointment with her this Friday! She is super solid.

Something I don't think I have mentioned in the emails I have sent out is that here in Duluth we have a YSA. So this past week we went to the YSA family home evening. It was fun! There is not too many YSA here that are active, but there are a lot of them to go and find here in Duluth. It has been pretty fun working in the YSA. Each week we attend institute and family home evening. I really enjoy it! Young single adults are super open about learning about the gospel or at least talking to us, so it's been pretty fun.

For an update on our investigators. Joe Nelson has been driving all around for work the past week. We have been texting him and contacting him that way. This week we should have a lesson with him though! We told him to go listen to a talk called "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox (If you have not heard it, you need to listen to it this
week). We have wade Kassing as our investigator, he is doing well. Not progressing too much! Other than him we dropped all of our investigators. We really are going to start over pretty much with investigators. We just need some new ones who will progress and who are prepared!

I love the Duluth area. It has been fun working here so far! I can't believe it has almost been a month of serving here already! Have a wonderful week!

I'll send photos once I get my camera back! Hopefully later today!

Elder Anderson

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