Monday, November 28, 2016

Season 12 Episode 2: Medicine Lake with Elder Newbold

Hello Family and Friends,

   I am grateful for this past week and the great miracles that we saw and the blessings that we are receiving.

Since I emailed on Thanksgiving, I will just talk about what has happened since then. So thanksgiving morning we played football. I love turkey bowl haha. It was pretty cold at first but after running around for awhile it was like perfect weather. During the day we went to the church and played some sports. The Peniata's a Polynesian family in the Ward were playing volleyball and basketball at the church and so we played with them. Volleyball is so much fun, they really are way good and Elder Newbold and I just loved it. Then in the evening we had dinner at the Wilsons, we had our investigator Johnny there. It went well we had a really good dinner! Then we went to the Greene's for an active member lesson.

On Friday we had a pretty good day lined up, in afternoon we had a lesson with a less active member we showed him the Christmas Video. Then we met up with the Assistants to go on exchanges with them. I went with Elder Jones from Lehi. We went to his area in Bloomington. We had an okay day, we did not see a lot happen. We did some stop by's.. Elder Jones is a cool guy and I am glad I went on exchanges with him. We actually had one Lesson at the end of the night with a man named tony. He had an interesting concern, he thinks that angel Moroni was a demonic spirit.. It was a good lesson but he just needs to humble himself.

Saturday, we had lunch at Smash Burger and then we exchanged back. Elder Newbold and Elder Kozlowski had a lesson with our investigators Antoinette, Ednet, and Elrad. They had an amazing lesson with them and set a baptismal date for December 24th!! They are an amazing family and are so excited for their baptism. Miracles like this just make me so happy to be a missionary!! They are from Liberia and are just wonderful people!

Sunday, church was amazing!! Antoinette, Edet, and Elrad came to church again. At the end of our gospel principles class, Antoinette (The Mom) said "Now how do I become a member of this church? Do I sign papers or what? I want to do that soon!" She didn't fully understand that when she is baptized and confirmed that she becomes a member of the church. How sweet is that? She is a wonderful lady and is really gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Elder Newbold and I were so happy after church! We just love that family so much. We had dinner with sister Jones and her family. Sister Jones has helped us so much in this Ward, she invited anyone we tell her about over for dinner, or over for family home evening. She wants to go joint teaching all the time. She is no doubt the best member missionary in the state of Minnesota. We love her family so much! They feed us like once a week:)  After dinner we had a church tour with our investigator Johnny. He enjoyed it, he has a fear of groups of lots of people, a fear of his head under water, and a fear of churches. So for him to come to church he wanted to check it out with no people in it! He does want to get baptized but not my immersion hahah which he needs to do. Anyway, it was a really good church tour! The spirit was there. We had Brother Thompson who is pretty much our older brother there with us. He was great and bore a powerful testimony. We had a lesson after that with our investigator Steven who's really hard to teach. It was pretty intense, he asked us to bear our testimonies of our missionary work so far into our missions. The spirit was there! He is a little bit  contentious and even said next Sunday he is going to bring his pastor to the lesson, so this should be good.. I will let you know next week how that goes! We both said at the end of the lesson that we felt more love for this man. He is hard to teach and a bit frustrating, but if we don't love him and teach to his needs then he will never progress in the gospel.

We have been seeing miracles left and right, I love this area, this Ward, and Elder Newbold. I cannot wait for the baptism on Christmas Eve. What a wonderful day to look forward to. Also, how great is the Christmas Initiative that the church put out. If you have not seen it,
I would encourage to you go and look at it right now. #LightTheWorld The advent Calendar is something that would be beneficial for anyone to do. I love you all! Have a good week!

Elder Anderson

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