Monday, November 14, 2016

Season 11 Episode 6: Medicine Lake with Elder Newbold

Hello Family and Friends,
This week has been really good. Let me tell you about it!

On Tuesday we has a Zone Specialty Training in Elk River with the St.Cloud Zone. Elder Newbold and I were asked to prepare and hour long training on Faith to Find. So we prepared our training and man was I nervous.. But it actually went really well. I enjoyed being able to instruct some of the missionaries that are newer and answer some of there questions. President Forbes actually came in a big van that holds like 12 people so we drove us to and back from Zone Specialty training. I talked to him for awhile about baseball, it was pretty cool. I really love that man! How does an amazing job as mission

Wednesday we went on exchanges with the Maple Grove Elders, Elder Kershaw (Elder Newbold and I have both served with him before) and Elder Mcniel. I went with Elder Mcniel in our area. We had quite the day, we taught a man named Joseph Pongay, he referred himself. We went over there and taught the restoration and he totally understood it. He committed himself to reading 5 pages of the Book of Mormon everyday. We are excited for him to progress! In the evening we taught a man named Jerome Quaye. He has been a less active member ever since I have been here and we showed him the video "The Will of God" and he broke down to tears and the spirit was so strong. We testified and without us saying really anything, he told us with a smile on his face " I need to come back to church " We were so stoked! Man what a lesson! Elder Mcniel is a great missionary and I like him a lot!

Thursday we went to the Brooklyn park chapel so elder Newbold could practice with some other missionaries their song they are going to sing at stake conference. Then we had dinner with Brother & Sister camp. Brother Hubbard came out with us in the evening to go joint teaching. We met with our Spanish investigator named Dago and had a short good lesson with him, then we went to Todd's house. He is a member who had been inactive for a while now and Elder Newbold and I have been able to see him change tremendously.  It is really such a blessing to be apart of that!

Friday we planned for a really long time. Weekly planning takes a long time sometimes, but is so essential if we want to reach our goals each week. So I have come to love it honestly! I hate sitting around for a long time, but it is necessary. In the evening we had dinner with Josh and Katie. I don't know if I have told you about Josh, but sometime last transfer we were getting our haircuts and this guy walks in and he sits next to me and I just started talking to him and then Elder Newbold and Elder Lowell started talking to him about basketball and we invited him to basketball on Wednesday nights and he came quite a few weeks in a row. He then asked us if we played basketball in the mornings so we would play one on one on one in the mornings and this guy is a beast. He played professionally in Germany. Anyway, on Friday he invited us over for dinner and we had a really cool experience. They immediately just started asking questions about the church and we were answering them. We then started to teach the Plan of Salvation and Restoration in one lesson. They had quite a few concerns. They believe in the Trinity which to me makes no sense. We had a good hour and a half long lesson and it just built my testimony. We truly have the church of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. We bore our testimonies and I realized a pure heartfelt testimony can't  really be questioned. It was a good visit though! I know that one day they will join the church. They are the coolest family ever!! :)

Saturday in the morning we had our coordination meeting then we went with the Sisters to help rake some leaves at brother Haggens house who is 90 years old. We noticed his next door neighbors house had a lot of leaves on their yard so we decided we would rake their yard as well and the sisters ended up finding a new investigator out of it! It was really great! Then we had lunch with David Smith who is really less active and has been since before I was born. He knows how to fix anything. So when we go over there he likes to teach us how to do things around the yard or around the house. He told us to about a  month ago that he would never step foot in the church. There were some problems with the toilets at the church so we thought that we would ask him to help us fix those and he accepted, it was a miracle. I can't believe that he came into the church building. It was wonderful!  We had dinner with Brother Toribio and it was feast as usual haha. Then in the evening we went to the Brooklyn park chapel for the adult session of Stake Conference. Elder Newbold and the other missionaries did a really good job on the musical number. Elder Spackman of the seventy was there and it was cool to listen to him speak.

Sunday morning we were invited to the stake leadership meeting at 7:00 am. That was really good, then we had stake conference and I really enjoyed it! It was really focused on temple attendance. I loved it! In the afternoon the sisters recent convert invited us over for lunch ahaha that was good. Then we stopped by a couple of people. We had a lesson with Steven our new investigator. He has a real understanding of the Bible. He does believe some things that definitely are not true. It was a little bit hard to teach him this time, he was not really listening to what we had to say. Brother Willis our joint teacher was awesome. Something I learned from this lesson was the power of a testimony. He couldn't say really anything to our testimonies. It was cool! He definitely felt the spirit!

We have not found out transfers yet, but I am getting really nervous haha. I want to stay her with Elder Newbold. This area is really picking up now! :) I love the gospel! The mission just keeps on getting better!

1. Us with the Weaver Lake Elders.
2. Directing the traffic before stake conference.

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