Monday, December 5, 2016

#LighttheWorld : Medicine Lake with Elder Newbold

Hello Everyone,

This week has been a really good one. Lots of things are going on in our Ward! I especially love being a missionary at this time of the year. The new #LightTheWorld video has been so fun to share with members and nonmembers.

We had exchanges this week, I went with Elder Kershaw (a former companion) in maple grove. We had a fun exchange we biked around and talked to some people in their front yards. We were able to learn things from each other and it was great. It felt like we were back in Red Wing together. :)

On Thursday, we had MLC in Bloomington. We had a discussion on how we can set a culture of finding in our mission. We also talked about how we can improve the obedience of missionaries! It was one of my favorite MLC's I have been to. Elder Newbold and I were talking after and we figured out a lot of things that we can improve on and what we can help the Anoka Zone improve on.  Then we had a lesson with Antoinette, Ednet, and Elrad.  We lanned on reading 2 Nephi 31 for the lesson. But we felt prompted to share the Mormon message "Mountains To Climb." It touched them and brought them to tears, we found out some things they are going through. We testified of the power of prayer, Gods love, and the Savior. It was great! I seriously love these people so much. To see them progress in the gospel is just  an amazing thing to witness. We then had a lesson with Todd Barberis. That man has changed so much in the past two months, it's crazy!

Friday we had our Christmas zone conference in Elk River. I conducted the meeting and we got some trainings from some other missionaries that were really good. We got to watch a movie with President and Sister Forbes. We watched Chariots of Fire, I had never seen it. It
was good! We gave President and Sister Forbes a gift from the Anoka Zone. We all made a short video telling them thank you and Merry Christmas. I will send the video to you so you can see it. It's really great. Then we went and saw Brother Nunelly. He's a great guy!

Saturday we had coordination with the WML Brother Gruber. Then we had service with Dave Smith. It was pretty cold, we helped him move buckets of dirt. He's a good guy! We had a lesson with our investigator named Dago. He is from Mexico and so we brought the Hermana's with us to the lesson so we could pass him off to them. It was really cool to be there and here the sisters testify in Spanish. I enjoyed that a lot! We had dinner with sister jones, Leroy, antoinette, and her two boys. It was great! Sister jones is seriously so amazing. Any investigator, less active, or anyone we talk about she says " can I invite them over for dinner? " or "can I come with you to the lesson?"  We were asking sister jones why she is so amazing and is so missionary minded. She then shared with us a story back when she lived in Alaska. She had a friend who was not a member of the church and every once in awhile her friend or sister jones would bring up the church but kinda in a joking manner. Anyway, she never actually tried to share the gospel with her. Her friend ended up passing away and at the funeral they were saying a prayer and sister jones just had this overwhelming though of "you never actually shared the gospel with her." She broke down to tears and said that from that point forward she would do everything she can to share the gospel. She tells the story a lot better then I can! She is just a great example to me and to all members of the church.

Sunday was awesome. We had a great fast and testimony meeting. We had many people we are working with come to church! We had a lesson with Steven, that was a little frustrating. Then we had dinner at the Henstrom's house. We watched the devotional at Brother Gruber's house with Leroy and the sisters. It was great! I love the mission. Have a
great week!

Love, Elder Anderson

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