Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Season 11 Epsiode 3: Medicine Lake with Elder Newbold

Hello Family and Friends,

Yesterday I was not able to email because I had a terrible migraine and it was hard for me to even look at the iPad screen without it hurting my eyes/head. After sleeping for a couple hours yesterday morning I felt a lot better.

We had Zone P Day yesterday in the afternoon. Elder Newbold and I got a Burger recipe and made some awesome burgers. We assigned different teams in the zone to bring food, and we met a park and we had food and played flag football and frisbee. It was so fun!

On Saturday, we had a pretty cool miracle, we were out with a priest from the Ward and we went tracting and we found this former investigator who said he used to go to the church back in 1998 and then he just stopped and has never been baptized. We were so excited
about that! He wants us to bring a Spanish Book of Mormon so we are going over there tomorrow. Man it was so great! We also went golfing with a non member named Steve. We have been raking his leaves and we found out that he likes golf so he said that we should go before winter comes, so we invited a member of the bishopric Brother England and we went golfing. It was super cool! I love when members do missionary work!

Sunday Morning before church we got a text from Sister Jones telling us that Christina (Former Investigator who dropped us 2 months ago) was coming to church and bringing her mom all because sister jones invited her and reached out to her. So they showed up to church and sister jones invited Christina over for dinner for Tuesday today) and she wants to do all the discussions :) :) :) we are so excited for that! We got invited to a BBQ after church by a non member named Josh who we have been playing basketball with Wednesday nights. We actually met josh like two months ago getting our haircuts, and we invited him to come to the church to play ball and he has started coming every week. We found out that he played basketball professionally overseas in Germany. He is a baller, wow! He told us that he played Russell Westbrook in a summer league game, how sick is that? Anyway, he invited us over to come be with his family and friends. They don't live in our area... :( but we still got approval to go there! There family is so cool and really care about us. We had a really good time :) We played one on one on one with him yesterday morning for morning workout! Let's just say he dominates haha! 

On Thursday, I went on exchange with Elder Kozlowski who is the AP. He is such a great missionary and I really look up to him! We had prayed about a place to do some finding and felt that we should go to this specific apartment complex and tract. So we went there and we knocked on this door and an older lady answered the door, we found out her name was Suzanne and she was so nice! I was so impressed with her! As we were talking to her we felt impressed to show the video "Because of Him." As the video was playing the spirit grew very strong and tears started going down her face. We bore testimony of the Savior and she was so thankful that we stopped by that day to see her! She has been going through a lot of hard struggles in her life. The spirit definitely led us to Suzanne that day.

Later in the evening we had a joint teacher Bro Lamprecht come out with us. We went to another apartment complex called Autumn Ridge. All the people who live there are from Africa and it is really cool because most of them are really nice. It's a great place to find! So we went tracting and we taught about 3 lessons, sang to a couple people and it was just really fun. At  8:00 we had an appointment with our investigators we found Bisoye and her daughter Angie. We taught them half of the plan of salvation and went over the restoration
again. Angie is 8 years old and just so special, she has this light about her! She reads the Book of Mormon and understands it well, she understands the restoration, and she always remembers our names and that means a lot to us! I just really love this family that we found!

The work is really moving forward in our area. We love our Ward, they are really improving on doing their missionary work. Elder Newbold is such a fun companion and we get a long really well! I love this work! Being a missionary is the best! Thank you for your prayers and emails, I appreciate it a lot! Have a great week! God Bless!

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