Monday, October 31, 2016

Season 11 Episode 4: Medicine Lake with Elder Newbold

Hello Family and Friends,

        This was an amazing week. We had some awesome lessons with the investigators we are teaching. We set 3 dates for baptism! :) :) let me tell you about it!

Monday: We had zone p day. We had a BBQ and played Flag Football and Frisbee. It was so much fun! Everyone in the zone seemed to have enjoyed playing. The missionaries in the zone are all very different from each other, but it is cool to see how much we are all unified and how much we care for each other. I got a crazy migraine early on in the day, but I felt all better pretty quickly so I was able to play.

Tuesday: We went on exchanges with the Crystal Elders. It was really fun! I went to Crystal with Elder Kemberling. Elder Kemberling is from Alaska, He is a convert of two years. He is a very solid missionary! It is always fun to be with him! We taught one lesson on the doorstep to someone in north Minneapolis. North Minneapolis is a pretty sketchy place. Apparently someone dies there every day.. Elder Newbold and Elder Hickman were on exchanges in our area. They had a lesson with Christina and her mom Tamara. I might have talked about her in my last email, but let me tell you her story again. Christina about 2 months ago just walked into church one day after looking on and we met her, taught her during the 3rd hour of church. We set a date for September 24th for baptism.  One week later we just got a voicemail telling us she needs a break and she doesn't want to meet again. She said in the voicemail though "Hopefully I will see you again." We honestly thought that we would not ever see her again. Sister Jones a member of our Ward asks us what Christina's number is and we gave it to her and she texted her and Christina responded telling her she wanted to be at church that Sunday. Christina said in the lesson they had on Tuesday that sister jones texting her was an answer to her prayer. During the lesson they set a date for December 3rd as well as her mom Tamera who she brought a long. Member missionary work is the way to do it! That jus strengthens my testimony. Wow what a miracle!

Wednesday: We made lots of cookies for our investigators/less actives/ missionaries. It was fun! We are trying to think of out of the box ways of doing missionary work. We went to deliver them and it worked! It was pretty cool. In the evening we had dinner with the Sorenson's. They had their neighbor over for dinner that night as well. Her name was Georgia. She was awesome, we were able to teach the Restoration to her. She accepted the invitation to read the Book of Mormon.

Thursday: We went on exchange with the Elm Creek Elders. I went with Elder Anway. He is an awesome elder from Arizona. He loves Taylor Swift so much! It's so funny!! I went to elm creek during the day, at night time we went back to our area in Med Lake to go with a joint teacher. We had two joint teachers that night and so that's why we went back, we didn't want to cancel on them! We taught a lesson do Daniel who we have been working with. It's cool to see the spiritual experiences he is having from reading the Book of Mormon. Then we saw brother Quaye. We talked about serving others! We had a really good night, our joint teachers name is Brother Nouneu, he was such a great member to be with us.

Friday: We had interviews with President Forbes in Brooklyn Park. We were there for quite a long time doing car inspections while missionaries were being interviewed. I had my interview with President Forbes. I love that man! He is such a great mission president! I respect him so much. The calling his has is not easy, he honestly cares about all the missionaries. 

Saturday: We helped Brother Sprout in the morning move a really heavy mattress into his house. Nothing makes you feel less like a man that carrying a mattress.. It's not that heavy but so hard to carry hahah.. We then helped the sisters set up in the church for their baptism. The women getting baptized name is Leanne. She is a wonderful lady and so prepared to accept the gospel at this time in her life. She actually loves elder Newbold and I! Then we had a lesson with Daniel Hansen. We read 1 Nephi 8 with him and talked about the tree of life. It was a great lesson! I love seeing this mans progress. His testimony is really growing. We had the Ward Halloween Party after that! Lots of non members came, it was actually really sweet! We had a busy night, we were talking to like everyone and we were passing out candy with scriptures on the back of them. It was cool. We enjoyed it a lot! At the end of the night we were just beat though hahah.. We both slept amazing that night hah.

Sunday: We had church, Christina and Tamera showed up to church which was awesome. After church we helped President Wilson the Stake President give a blessing to a lady in the Ward. We then had dinner with the Lamprechts who are so cool! We had to finish our weekly planning in the evening because we didn't have any time any other day. We just felt that we needed to do it because if we don't have a good plan we are pretty much wasting time.. So we set some good goals and plans for the week. :)

I love this area. Things are really picking up! We should see some people enter the waters of baptism soon! I thank you for the support. The mission is the best. There is no place I would rather be in the world. Minnesota is the BEST!

Happy Halloween!! :)

Love, Elder Anderson

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