Monday, October 10, 2016

Season 11 Episode 1: Medicine Lake Anoka Zone with Elder Newbold

Hello Family and Friends,

I want to apologize for not writing a good group email for a while now. P days recently have been so packed with things that we gotta do, we just didn't have a lot of time to email. This week has been really good though! Transfers is always hard.. Elder Lowell (One of my favorite missionaries) got sent up to Virginia which is like 5 hours away. Our area is picking up though, we are excited about the work that we are going to do this transfer!

Monday: We had a good P day, I was able to buy some new basketball shoes which made me extremely happy. We then went to the church and played basketball and volleyball with the district. We then went out to eat at this Asian Restaurant, it was pretty good. Then since it was Elder Kings last night doing missionary work. We went knocking doors and we knocked a whole street. We taught 1 lesson and sang to 1 person. I swear everyone here in Minnesota answers the door and says "I'm Lutheran/Catholic" then just slams the door. It's frustrating. But it was a good experience, it helped me understand that I need to get better at teaching at the doorstep.

Tuesday: We said goodbye to Elder King in the morning. Later in the evening we had dinner at the Wilkinson's. Bro Wilkinson is so cool, we had a really fun time talking with him. He was a college volleyball player and he was telling us that he could touch the top of the backboard just standing under the hoop and jumping straight up. We then did some stop by's and no one answered the door, we got a call from a less active who we haven't been able to get in with and he asked for a blessing. He is going through a lot in his life right now, we were able to give him a blessing and the spirit was so strong. After the blessing he was just in tears and we were able to testify to him of the power of the Priesthood. The spirit was so strong and you could truly feel the love Heavenly Father has for this man. Wow!  Something I will never forget! Then we got pies thrown in our face by the sisters that we thought was whipping cream, but it was actually shaving cream. So we got pranked pretty hard and was eating shaving cream.. That was so gross hahah.

Wednesday: it was transfer day! I had to say goodbye to Elder Lowell and some other missionaries in the zone. Man it's crazy how much you can love the missionaries that you serve. I have loved being here in the Anoka Zone so much. It makes me so happy to be here at this time. We got a call pretty early in the morning from the office ladies at our apartment building. They said " Hey Elders, you guys move people for free right?" Of course we said we would be willing to help out. There was a family who lived in our apartment building and went to Africa for 3 months. They lived on the bottom floor and the night they arrived back in Minnesota, there was like two inches of water in the apartment and it ruined a lot of things. It was like all moldy and gross in there. So we helped them move up to the top floor lifting all their stuff up the stairs. They were such a nice family and the Crystal Elders were able to get a return appointment and hopefully soon they will become investigators. In the night time we had the High Priest Group leader come out with us Joint teaching. We had two great lessons with Less Active members. We actually didn't have to say much during the lessons which is a change. Brother Camp is such a solid member/ teacher he pretty much talked the whole time. Having Joint teachers is really my favorite thing! It makes the work so much better in so many ways.

Thursday: We had MLC in Bloomington pretty much all day. It was a really good Counsel. I love figuring out different ways to help out missionaries in anyway that we can! I was able to see some former companions and missionaries I know, that was really enjoyable. President and Sister Forbes are so wonderful. They love the missionaries so much! It's so inspiring! We then helped out the family again with a little bit more moving stuff. We then had a coordination meeting with the sisters in our Ward.

Friday We had Zone Service at this Garden. We pretty much just weeded things out and it was such a fun time with the zone. The zone has changed a lot just from transfers, so it was fun getting to know everyone in the zone better! We then did some accountability calls and we did some planning for the transfer and for our zone focus. Fridays are always filled with lots and lots of planning. We had dinner with the Sister Training Leaders to talk about what we feel would be best for the zone. I got free French Toast at IHOP for some reason haha. :) I was happy about that! Then we did some good weekly planning for our own area, and planned some really good things done for this next week! Planning is boring sometimes, but it makes missionary work and just everything so much more enjoyable and easier.

Saturday: We had Zone Service again. We went to Anoka and dug up headstones in a cemetery to raise them up if they were uneven, it was really fun! It was pretty cold, the weather is definitely changing rapidly here. Which I don't mind because I really like sweater weather :) We had a lesson with the person we gave a blessing to earlier in the week and we were able to share the video "Because of Him" We testified of Jesus Christ and felt so much love for this man. More importantly he felt Heavenly Fathers love for him so deeply in the lesson. We then had a dinner at the Jones house. They are one of my favorite families in the Ward! Elder Newbold and I feel like sister jones is our mom here in the area. She really loves us and knows us well. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago they fed us and after dinner they took a picture with a Polaroid camera and gave us the picture and we both thought that was so cool, especially because I had never been in a Polaroid picture before. So back to the dinner Saturday she asked us " Is it okay if members give missionaries gifts? Is that against the rules?" We of course said no that's totally fine (not thinking she was going to give us anything). She pulls out two boxes and we open them up and she bought us both a Polaroid camera. We were freaking out! Like who does that? That was so nice of her to do that for us! That night we felt impressed to go to this apartment building called Autumn Ridge. We were going to to do the same thing the missionaries did the President Uchtdorf's talk called "Fourth Floor, Last Door" We planned on knocking this whole apartment building. We taught 3 lessons, got 5 new investigators and sang to a lady just miracles after miracle. We were so happy with the results. We had a lot of faith going into this time of finding new people to teach. Because we don't even have one solid investigator that we are teaching. It just was a testimony to me that when you are willing to show Heavenly Father that you are willing to do everything you can. He will place people in our paths that are willing to accept the gospel.

Sunday: We had church and it was an amazing service. We had 3 less actives that we are working with come to church. We were so happy about that! We were able to give blessings at church. They were both very spiritual and great! The power of priesthood blessings is so real. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to hold the Holy Melchezideck Priesthood. We then had a lesson with a less active that we have ever met before, we just stopped by randomly and we were able to get to know him well, he has lost his faith completely in Jesus Christ & Heavenly Father. Elder Newbold and I asked some good inspired questions during the lesson. We both felt impressed to show the video "The Hope of God's Light" it's pretty cool how that works. A lot of times that has happened to us where in the middle of the lesson we both feel that we should do the same thing. We then had dinner at Bishop Henstrom's house which was really good to break the fast. Brother Gruber our Ward mission leader then took us out to go joint teaching and we were able to see a couple people. It was a great day overall.

Family and Friends, I am so grateful to you for your emails. They make me very happy when I read them! You are all wonderful. The Gospel is true. Have a wonderful week everyone.

Love, Elder Anderson

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