Sunday, October 23, 2016

Season 11 Episode 2: Medicine Lake with Elder Newbold

Hello Family and Friends,

        Another week in the books. We had a really cool week though! Lots of things are picking up in our area and it's so great to see hard work paying off.

Monday: For p day we went shopping in Maple Grove, they have a lot of stores. It was really nice to be able to get some pants and a sweet tie. :) We went with the weaver lake elders. Elder Miller and Elder Larson. They are really cool! We later helped Michael Gauthier move a piano into his apartment building. Wow that thing was heavy. We then had dinner with the Greene's super cool family who just moved into the Ward.

Tuesday: We went to the Crystal District meeting in the morning and that was really good. We had a lesson with Daniel Vogl in the afternoon. Later in the evening we went on splits with two members of the Elders Quorum. I went with Bro Willoughby and Elder Newbold went with Bro Thompson.  We stopped by a lot of different people and actually was only able to talk to one person. It was a little frustrating! But that's how some nights go.

Wednesday: We went to Shingle Creek District meeting. That was a good one as well! We had a couple coordination meetings in the afternoon. We went raking/tracting. We went by this family that was really nice to us a couple weeks back when it was raining. We started raking their yard and the dad Steve came outside and started talking to us. It was a really cool experience. He was really nice and invited us in for a drink of water. We were not able to share anything gospel related, but we are going to go back very soon to hopefully do that. Later we had a lesson with Dora and it was good! We balled up after that.

Thursday: We had the Weaver Lake District meeting. Then we said goodbye to Elder Liechty who was a waiting for his visa. He left to South Africa! We were then in a tripanionship with Elder Kemberling, one of our favorite elders! We went raking again to find some more people to serve and this time like no one would accept any help.. It was sad! We had a lesson with Brent Pryzbyla who was a little confused when we went over, he is a less active member. But we were able to have a lesson with him which was pretty cool!

Friday: We had coordination meeting with Brother Gruber our WML. Then we went to mow a lawn for a member in the Crystal Ward. Elder Newbold and I felt pretty strongly that we needed a really good weekly planning session. We sat down and had an amazing planning time. It feels so good when you have set goals and plans that you know you will be able to accomplish. Elder Newbold and I felt like we should go and see a man named Johnny that we found a couple of weeks ago. So we went by his apartment and he was there :):) we taught the restoration. It went okay! He really likes to talk, but when we talk it's hard for him to listen. We just gotta be patient!

Saturday: We had frisbee early in the morning and only 2 people showed up besides elder Newbold and I. There was a youth conference for 6 stakes in Minnesota at our church, and so we walked in the church and I saw youth from Lake Marion and Red Wing. It made me so happy! Wow! I have been so blessed with the best areas. They all remembered me very well, which made me happy! David Smith a less active member fed us lunch and we raked up his yard and set up some Halloween stuff in his yard it was a good time. Then we had dinner with the Jackson's they are cool! We stopped by Bisuye our new investigator that we tracted into a couple weeks back. It was super cool, we taught the Restoration and the spirit was really strong in the lesson. We invited them to be baptized, but they just don't fully understand priesthood authority so they don't really know why they need to be baptized into this church. Hopefully we will be able to explain that you her a lot better next time! Then we saw our good pal Leroy, hahaha oh man! I love that guy. He is so funny!

Sunday: We had church which was awesome. We did not have any investigators at church. We did have a less active member who was there which was awesome! The sister missionaries had an investigator at church named Leanne. We gave her a blessing and the spirit was really powerful! Wow, it was a cool experience ! After church, we were walking to our apartment to change and we got a text from President Forbes, and it says "Elders I am coming down from Duluth and I will be late, start without me." We had no idea what he was talking about and then we realized we had a Stake Report meeting with the stake presidency and President Forbes. We found this out at 3:15 and the meeting was at 4:00. we were freaking out because we had to type up the sheet for the meeting, and drive to Brooklyn Park. We run to the Family history center to do this and the one time we need the computer most it doesn't work. So we said a quick prayer and we had the idea to try a computer in the other room and so we did and we got it all typed up and it worked. We got there at  4:05! We were freaking out but we got it done hahah! The meeting went really actually. Then we hustled to mission presidents fireside in Bloomington because Elder Newbold was singing at it! That was really good! I love hearing new converts speak. We only ate breakfast because that was the only meal we had time for. It was a good day looking back on it though!

Things in our area are really starting to happen. We are working much better with the Ward. I love being here in Medicine Lake. I hope that all is well back home with you all! I would love to hear from all of you! If you haven't emailed me in a while. Please do! :) make this week great!

Love, Elder Anderson

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