Monday, August 29, 2016

Season 10 Episode 1: BAPTISM!!

Hello Everyone,

        What a wonderful week! Moses's Baptism was this past Saturday!! I love that man! It was a wonderful service and I am so excited for him to start this wonderful journey in his life! Also I turned 20, it's so weird haha..

Monday: Elder Lowell, Elder Long and I were in a trio. It was a good p day! Then we had a lesson that night and it went okay..

Tuesday: Elder Long had to pack and we did a lot of stuff that was really boring. That was a very slow and stressful day.

Wednesday: We woke up early for transfers and because we were adding another set of missionaries to our zone I had to drive a sisters car to Bloomington. I drove by myself... It was really weird being alone again hahah!! Don't worry I had approval. ;) It was my birthday I turned 20 years old! We got back and got settled then we balled up at the church that night with a bunch of people. It was fun! Elder Newbold is a baller.

Thursday: We taught a guy named mo and we had a great lesson. He is a new investigator and it was great! We had a lot of stop by's and we got in a couple houses. We played some volleyball with some Mexicans on a street we were walking by. They thought it was so funny that we could spike it so easily haha it was really fun!

Friday: We had lots of planning for the transfer and for our area. We also had to finalize plans for Moses plans.

Saturday: In the morning we had to fill up the font at the church really early. We had Moses's baptism and it was so amazing! I was able to baptize him! His testimony was so amazing at the end . I am so grateful that I was able to be apart of his journey to the waters of baptism. This scripture has become more real to me D&C 18:15 :) What an amazing day!

Sunday: We had a great church service. A huge miracle happened to us! We were in sacrament meeting and a women pulled us out of the meeting and introduced us to a lady named Christina. The lady said that she showed up to the church from looking on She had lots of questions we ended up teaching her the 3rd hour of church and set a baptismal date for September 24th!  What a miracle! She was very prepared and really searching for truth! :)

We had a wonderful week! I am so grateful to be a missionary and be serving here in Minnesota ! I love the people here! Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I love you guys!! :)

Love, Elder Anderson

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