Monday, April 4, 2016

Season 6 Episode 5

Dearest Family and Friends,

I hope you all had a wonderful week. I am sure that you did because of General Conference this weekend. I know I absolutely loved conference!!

Tuesday: We knocked on doors for hours. We talked to a total of like four people. It honestly felt like we were the only people in the town hahah. But one of the wants us to come back so that is good! We are happy about that one person.

Wednesday: We had a lesson with our investigator Joy. It went okay, we established our purpose and told her she will not be completely happy in her life is she doesn't keep the commitments we leave her. Then we did some knocking doors for awhile and didn't talk to anyone.. Man this town is just weird. No one is ever home.

Thursday: We had quite a few lessons we taught some recent converts. We taught this former investigator from Japan. His name is Aki Tsuchayi he is super solid. We are teaching him this Thursday, hopefully it all goes well.

Friday: We planned like all day.. Which was good. We set some good goals for those few people that we are working with. Nothing else really happened that day. We did see a few people but nothing really too exciting.

Saturday: General Conference was so sick!! Oh my goodness I loved it. I really enjoyed President Nelsons talk in the Priesthood session. Also, President Uchtdorf's talk was super funny and very good. President Monson did not look to great which made me sad. But the talk he gave was very powerful. It was amazing to see how inspired these apostles and the prophet actually are. They are literal mouth pieces for God. I am so grateful for their words and their love. They really have such amazing testimonies that we can gain so much strength from.

Sunday: Another day of General Conference and it was so great. I really loved Elder Hollands talk to conclude conference. That was so powerful! He has the best talks, you just have to love that guy haha. I was so touched when President Uchtdorf got up after the talk about refugees. He could hardly speak he was so touched. I really enjoyed that.

Something I was thinking about was when I was home and I would watch General Conference. I would like all the talks and think that they were awesome, but I would not do anything about it. We need to take what they talked about and put it into each day of our lives. I know that if you watched General Conference with real intent that you got something out of it, the spirit touched you in some way. We need to strengthen our weaknesses and repent and come better.

This week not a lot happened other than conference. But things are going well. Today is my dads birthday!! So happy birthday dad, I love you!! I even took a picture by a sign for you:

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