Monday, April 11, 2016

Season 6 Episode 6

Hello Family and Friends,

This week was a pretty solid week. I really love Elder Lowe we are getting along so well and we just have so much fun!

Tuesday: We started off the day by locking ourselves out of our apartment hahah. So we tried to break in our window and got Bro Edwards to come climb on our roof to see if the Windows were unlocked. But they were locked.. So we texted Bro Hadler and he had a key to our place for some reason, so it worked out. Then like all afternoon we were doing area book work and calling like everyone in it trying to set up appointments. So that was super boring, but it was productive and good to get done. Then we had dinner with the Hadler's they were
telling us about a family who could use some help, they just moved into there house and are trying to fix a lot of the things with the house. So we were pumped about that. So then we went to there house that night and offered to help and it was so awesome. They are so nice and it is a great opportunity to help someone out. Maybe they will start asking questions about the Gospel and we can start teaching them, but we are going to take this slowly. We are not going to shove it at them. It will come up eventually :)  We have a less active member who is literally obsessed with sports. I mean I absolutely love sports and will forever. But this guy literally watches them all day, any sport too. So every time we call him he says there is a game on and he doesn't want us to come over. He told us Tuesday was going to work, we show up to his house and he says Women's College Basketball is on and he told us to leave. Like really? It's pretty upsetting..

Wednesday: We had district meeting and it was awesome to actually get to see some other missionaries. I always enjoy hanging out with the whole district. We then did service for the Dunlap's who needed help around their house. We were there all afternoon and it was so fun helping them out. They are so cool and really like us! He is going to work out with us. He is a manager and Red Wing Shoe and a Athletic trainer. He is super cool. He is going to give us free boots that are like normally $300 hahah. It's sick! Then in the night time we had a lesson with recent convert bro Johnson. He is cool but they have a pit bull and man it is scary. It bit me hard on the wrist hahah. They said he was playing but when is mouth is foaming and he is staring me down. I don't think he was playing haha. It didn't hurt too bad, I moved quickly. But I am a little nervous to go there again.

Thursday: We started off the day with some service. We went to a members home and raked leaves and just cleaned up the yard. It reminded me a lot of the good ole days being on Kunzlers Krew. Then we had a lesson with our Japanese investigator, it went really well. The Restoration is starting to click with him. We just need to get him the pamphlets and Book of Mormon in Japanese so that he can understand it a lot better. But he is really solid!  Then we did service at the Voigts home. We helped them clear a path in there backyard it was a
good time.

Friday: We did our weekly planning session it was so boring. But effective! Then we started our email to our investigator Steve about prophets and apostles. It was really good! We did a good job. Then we made a couple CD's with our favorite conference talks on them. We delivered them to some of the people here in Red Wing that we have been thinking about. Who maybe are struggling a little bit and we just thought that these talks could help them. The talks we picked are " In the strength of the Lord" By David A Bednar and "Mountains to Climb" By Henry B Eyring. I invite you guys to go read them.

Saturday: We had a lesson with a returning less active of 30 years. He came to church out of random a couple of weeks ago. He does not really remember a lot of stuff, so we are just teaching him all the lessons. He is super cool! He loves frisbee golf so we are going to go with him sometime soon, that should be fun. Then we went to Cannon Falls a town in our area, we tried to see some people but they were all not home. It was hard traveling that far and not seeing anything happen.

Sunday: We went to church and it was good, because now I am starting to get to know some of the members here. We then wrote our email to the Ward after church. That is always fun! I will send it to you guys. Our phone broke in the middle of the day for a couple of hours.. That was really frustrating. A less active member actually new how to fix it so that was good haha.

This week was really good! Transfers is next week. Me and Elder Lowe should be staying together. At least I hope so. I want to be his companion when he finishes his mission. That would be cool! Thanks for everything you guys do, I love y'all !

Biggest Boot in the World:

The District: (Elder Lowe and I are going to do service, that is why we're ot in our suits): 

We thought this picture was sweet:

I found Elder Nielson on Gospel Library: haha:

Elder Anderson

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