Thursday, March 31, 2016

Season 6: Episode 4

Hello Everyone,

        Oh my goodness this week was like the craziest week of my mission. So much happened that does not normally happen hahah.

Monday: We went to a members home that is absolutely loaded with the sister missionaries and played Laser Tag, ping pong, and all sorts of games. It was a fun P day! Then later that night we just went and stopped by a lot of people. No one was really home so nothing really

Tuesday: We did service at Prince of Peace then we went to a members house to get our bikes fixed. He made my bike much easier to ride. I honestly don't know what he did but whatever he did it helped haha. Then we went to the Elders Quorum Presidency Meeting. Then we had a couple of appointments. They went well!

Wednesday: This day was so crazy.. I went on exchanges with Elder Hodgson my district Leader. It was snowing so hard and we were on bikes. It was easily the hardest day of biking I have ever had. We were biking in like 7 inches of powder up hill and down hill. You could say that I fell a couple of times. But since it was powder it did not hurt, it was a lot more funny than it was pain. We made it to one appointment that we had scheduled. It took us 3 hours to get to an appointment that normally would have taken us maybe 45 minutes. Once
we got really far out there in Farmington we got a text telling us that the cars are grounded. We should have just gone back to the apartment and made phone calls or something but we were already super far out there. Then we went and shoveled driveways. A member saw us
biking and offered us a ride. We then went all around and just shoveled. The member takes us home and I go to grab the keys in my pocket and they were not in my pocket or in any of the bags. They were completely gone. There was some important keys on there like the
Church key, apartment key, and family history center key that we had got last Sunday. So we decided to go back and look and retrace my footsteps but it was super hard because there was so much snow. I was very upset that night. We had no place to stay and I smelt like wet
dog because of how wet I had gotten throughout the day. So we decided to call the Elders in Burnsville and ask them if we can stay at there place for the night. They said yes so luckily we had somewhere to sleep. But we had interviews with President Forbes the next day and I
had no access to my suit..

Thursday: We woke up and I remembered that the window was unlocked to our apartment, so we went back and I climbed through that, hustled and showered and put on my suit then we went to the church to meet with President Forbes. My interview went really well. I really love President Forbes he is such a solid guy and really cares about the Elders and Sisters in this mission.

Friday: Another crazy day.. During my personal study we get a call and that is unusual already. I look to see who it is and it is one of the Assistants to President Forbes and I already knew that something was going to happen. So I answer it and he says " Hey Elder Anderson, what's your plans for the day?" I said " We were going to do our weekly planning and then do some service and some stop by's" He then says " How fast can you pack?" In my head I am thinking oh no I cannot really be leaving.. He says you are getting Emergency Transferred to Red Wing and you are leaving as soon as you get packed. Right then I
was so upset. I honestly love this area so much, and the fact that I don't get to even see anyone and say bye just made me so sad.. I really love so many people in this area. So I made a lot of emotional phone calls. The reason I got Emergency transferred is because one of the Elders in Red Wing went home early. But I found out my companion is Elder Lowe, my Zone Leader when I was in Thunder Bay. The one who is 6'8 and playing basketball at BYU next season. He is such a beast! So I was very pumped about that I just was very sad to leave the people that I love very much. So Elder Lowe came to pick me up a
couple hours later and I was all packed and I headed out to Red Wing which is like 45 minutes away. Lake Marion Ward boundaries actually border Red Wing Ward Boundaries. They both cover a lot of land! So that day I got to Red Wing we stay in a house. We get the top floor and someone else gets the bottom floor. But I am sad/excited about this whole thing. This area is pretty dead, like nothing is happening at all. Me and Elder Lowe are planning on doing some good work and changing this whole area around so we are pumped.

Saturday: We fixed up the apartment and cleaned up a little bit. Because Elder Lowe only got here to Red Wing 3 weeks ago so we are both new to this and don't really know the area. So he is actually still unpacking too haha. What is cool is Elder Lowe goes home June
1st so I most likely will be his last companion. We had some teaching appointments this day that went very well. A former investigator invited us to a play at a non denominational church called "Message of the Cross" apparently this church hates Mormons. We got so many dirty
looks hahah. But it was a very interesting play and there pastor got up there and just said the weirdest things. I just felt uncomfortable honestly. It made me so grateful to be a part of the true and restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sunday: EASTER SUNDAY! Man it was so good. I really loved church. The Ward is a lot smaller and different. But the spirit was so strong in Sacrament Meeting. I got to meet a lot of members which was good. Elder Lowe is like a master at the Piano so the Primary asked him to play for them for the last 2 hours of church, so we were in there all of church pretty much. It was so much fun teaching the kids, man they are so funny hahah! I miss all those primary songs it was fun to sing them again.

This week was so crazy/sad/exciting and everything else you can think of. It was very hard for me to leave the Lake Marion Ward so quickly, but I know that this change is for a reason. The Lord needs me here in Red Wing. Me and Elder Lowe are gonna do some awesome work here and I am excited.

Here are some Pictures:

 Saying goodbye to one of my favorite people ever:
 Last picture with Elder Peterson:
Love y'all!

Elder Anderson

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