Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Season 5 Episode 5: "7 Months"

Dear Family and Friends,

This week went by super fast it was crazy. We had a pretty good week!

Monday: We had p day which was fun. Then we had a family home evening with a part member family. We talked about Giving Thanks. It was really good!

Tuesday: We had Prince of Peace in the morning. That was fun service! Then I went on exchanges with Elder Freestone the Zone Leader. We went to his area. It was super sweet! We taught lots of lessons. They have
a lot going for them in there area. Something I learned from that exchange is to have urgency and be excited about missionary work. I really enjoyed that exchange. Except this is the day I started to get sick. I have just been super stuffy recently and it has been hard to breathe. But I am doing much better now.

Wednesday: We had a dinner with a family, that was not too nice. So that was fun! That night we were going to go to do tennis with a non member at Lifetime Fitness. We got there and it was too much money. So we ended up going to the church and having a church tour with him and got him into family history so that was way better. He just wanted to play tennis with us. Because my companion is a super good tennis player. So they want to battle hahah.

Thursday: We cleaned the apartment super good. It was really fun actually!! It was nice to get everything organized again. Then we went to the farm again and helped out a sister in the ward. We got to  deworm goats. That was interesting!! Then we had a lesson with some of the youth, we read through preach my gospel and talked about the Book of Mormon. Then we had dinner and it was super good. They are from Germany, and his name is "Wolfgang" hahah. Then we had a lesson with our investigator Mike. We talked about the Word of Wisdom. He has a problem with it. So it was kinda a bash.. We got be better about that! But we are teaching with him with Bishop Connor next time. So that should be good!

Friday: We had weekly planning which was super boring. But we got some things done! Then sister long McGee took us out to Olive Garden. That was super good! I got the all you can eat soup. Then we went to Big Brother Stanich's place and played bingo with a bunch of old people. We got to help run it, it was super fun haha.

Saturday: The Zone Leaders had a baptism so we went to that. That was super sweet!  Then we had volleyball and then we went to the Holmbergs and visited with them. They are like the best family ever. I love them
a lot.

Sunday: We had church which went really good. Then we went to the Wynn's for lunch. Then we had dinner with the Webers. Then we went to Mission Presidents fireside. It was awesome. I love hearing all these

conversion stories of recent converts.

This week we get to go to the St. Paul Temple on Wednesday. So I am pumped about that!! Today is my 7 month mark. Wow ! I love you all!

Have the best week!

Love, Elder Anderson

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