Monday, February 15, 2016

Season 5 Episode 4: "Elder, LOCK YOUR HEART"

Hello Family and Friends,

I hope all of you had an amazing Valentines Day. I know I had a great Valentine's Day. We got to visit a lot of people so it was awesome! This week was a pretty great week. We saw lots of little miracles.

Monday: It was P day. We all just hung out at the church. Played all kinds of sports and had a really fun day! But our Car battery died for the first time in the week. It ended up dying 6 times total this week. Man our car is just messed up haha!

Tuesday: We had our Tri Zone Conference. It was really really good! The main thing they talked about is having Urgency and being more consecrated. I got to see a lot of Elders that I came out with. It was fun, I like seeing missionaries I have not seen in a while. President Forbes is the most caring person. He really loves all of us! He gave great trainings. I admire him a lot! Then we went to Smash Burger. Haha I love that place so much! Then we had two lessons that night with two part member families. It was great! 

Wednesday: This day was amazing. We had some amazing miracles. We did a little bit of Finding and we stopped by a potential investigator named Michael, we taught him the Restoration and I invited him to be baptized. It was such an amazing lesson! We were so pumped to find someone to teach. We didn't get a return appointment because he has a crazy work schedule, but he wants us to come back very soon. So me and Elder Peterson were so excited! Then we stopped by a former Investigator family. They are from Kenya and are such nice people. We taught them about the Book Of Mormon and they want to meet with us again. In our area we have a struggle with finding people to teach.  So these things I am talking about probably don't seem that amazing to you, but for how our area is, this is absolutely amazing!! 

Thursday: We did service at Prince of Peace in the morning. Then as a zone we went out to eat at Panera Bread. I got free tomato soup which was awesome. Then we had a lesson with a less active member. About temples and family history work. It went good, he just isn't willing to change. He needs to be humbled or something!  Then later in the night, one of my favorite families ever the Holmberg's called us and asked if we could stop by and give there daughter a blessing, she was going into surgery on her foot the next day. I gave the blessing! It was great. Priesthood power is so real. 

Friday: Weekly planning day. That went really good! We made some awesome goals, and really got down to business with what we want to do with the people we are working with. Then we went to Sister Long Mcghee's and helped her on her farm with the animals. It was so much fun, one of the goats just had two babies. It was sweet to hold them. They are like cute little puppies. It was also cool to see how the mom would attack any goat that got near her babies. Then we went to Sis Knobecks and helped her paint her house with the Sister Missionaries. It was really fun! I enjoy painting a lot now. I have done it a lot more than I thought I would on my mission. Then we went to a place called Farmington Steakhouse it was so good and it is so cheap. The Holmbergs took us there, it's crazy the love that you can have for a family that you work with. I really love em like family. Then we had a lesson with another member we are working with Big Bro Stanich he is 70 years old and we teach him each week. It's amazing working with him, he is such a solid guy.

Saturday: We had basketball all arranged for that morning at 11:00 but when we showed up to the church there was a valentines dance all set up in the gym. So we had to cancel on everyone.. Then we went to the Burnsville chapel to play Volleyball, when we got there to set it all up we realized the net was broken :( So we played volleyball without a net and then realized how dumb it was and started playing soccer. It was really fun! Then as we were leaving it was freezing outside and we were in shorts and a t shirt and for some reason I decided to put my iPad and our phone on top of the car. Then I got in the car and we drove off. Man I am so dumb sometimes haha.. Then I heard it fall off the car and then it clicked in my head that I left it up there. So we turned around after driving like a quarter of a mile down a hill. We looked for it for 25 minutes and we couldn't find it. Then I ran all the way to the bottom and it was in the middle of a busy intersection and I ran out there and grabbed it ( Don't worry dad I looked both ways and I was safe :)) Then we helped the Holmbergs move a couch into their house. They were watching All Star weekend and man it was difficult to be there hahah.

Sunday: It was Valentine's Day/Lock Your Heart Day it was an awesome day. We went to Church and it was great. Then we had Brunch at the Richards. I love eating there, it is always so amazing! Then we had a lesson with our Investigator Mr. Freeman. We taught him the restoration briefly.. He went off on politics so we kinda just sat there. It was hard to teach anything haha. Then we went to the Briggs for dinner. They are a cool family! Then we went to Sister Wynn's thats always a good time.

This week was full of miracles. We were so happy with it! We just gotta keep working hard and doing the best we can. I have realized that we have such a short time in our lives to be missionaries, we need to live it up and give it our best effort. Even if it super difficult sometimes. I am so grateful to be in this mission in Minnesota. I have come to love this place so much and especially the people. I have grown so much in just the short time I have been out. My favorite quote for this week was something my good pal Kevin Durant once said " Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard." I love you all and am grateful for all the love from you guys. Keep it up everyone :) Have the best week ever.

Love, Elder Anderson

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