Sunday, February 14, 2016

Season 5 Episode 3

Hello Everyone, another week down.

Tuesday: It snowed super bad and everyone in the mission was grounded from cars and bikes. So we couldn't do anything. I mean we could have walked but everyone lives so far from eachother it would not have been productive. So we did lots of phone calls and Bro Macmillan took us to a place called old Chicago I had Spaghetti Pie, wow was it good!! Then at night we just went shoveling people's driveways. 

Wednesday: We had District Meeting. Then me and Elder Fullenwider went on Exchanges. We helped some lady move for like 4 hours it was fun. Bro Jones helped us, he is a former Mission President and it was fun to talk to him. He knows like all the apostles so it was sweet to do that. Then we went to help another lady paint her house. So this day was full of service. It was super good! 

Thursday: We went and did service at Prince of Peace and then we went to Sis LongMcgee and did service for her. We went and worked on her farm again. We fed goats again. Then we played frisbee at the church.  That was fun!  

Friday: We did weekly planning, then we got a car wash and that was nice to make our cars look good. Then we had a lesson with Mike Perkins our Investigator. We ate at Dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. Then we played Bingo with old people at one of our Less Actives it was super fun. I did not win though ;( hahah. 

Saturday: Our mission President wanted us to re watch the Missionary Broadcast we had a few weeks ago. So we did that as a zone. It was really good! I really enjoyed the training that was given. Then we had our weekly volleyball. Then we went home and had dinner at a members home and it was really good. Then we helped the lady we helped paint earlier in the week paint again. It was really fun! 

Sunday: We had Church and it was really good. Then we had Brunch at the Richards like we do every week. Then we went and visited a few people. Then we had dinner at the Milne's home and that was really good. Then we did went to the Wynn's and she was teaching us how to Knit. It was fun but weird, I am not good at all. 

This week we were able to do lots of service. It was a really good opportunity. We hopefully touched the people we served hearts in some way. I challenge all of you to look for opportunities for service. I love you all, keep sending emails :) 


Elder Anderson 

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