Thursday, December 31, 2015

Week 22: Season 4 Episode 3 (Lake Marion, MN)

Hello everyone!! This week was so awesome. Being able to talk to family and have a Christmas on a mission was such a blessing. It was so fun going house to house seeing people and wishing them a Merry Christmas! :)
Monday: We helped a member take in a entertainment center into there house and man was it so heavy. It took a long time!! But I got a good workout in. Then we went to see a less active guy who has really bad health. We always go to his house and read the Book of Mormon with him. 

Tuesday: We started the day by making some cookies and made some cards and that took quite a bit of time. Then we did some service at a place called Prince of Peace. I helped load lots of groceries for people in there cars. It was really fun! But it is starting to get really cold here.  Then we had dinner with some members it was fun! I am just having a hard time getting to know people in this area, because I am so used to Thunder Bay. So I am a bit frustrated right now with that.

Wednesday: We had District meeting. My first one in my new district. Man we had so many missionaries there. We have a huge district. Plus the AP's showed up and gave a training on obedience. It was super good and definitely got me motivated to be more obedient. Then we had dinner with a member that was good. Then we played basketball at the church that night with some investigators and members and it was fun! Basketball always helps me.

Thursday: We went to Prince of Peace again. It was really good! Then as a Zone we went to Applebee's and it was really good. But there were so many Tv's and it was hard to eat while not looking at the Tv haha. Then we went and looked at Christmas Lights with a less active family. They are like my favorite family. They are so funny! They give every missionary a nickname my companions nickname is obviously Clark Kent because he is Superman pretty much. But they call me Captain America. I don't really know why, but it is cool I guess hahah!! 

Friday: Christmas Day!! Man was it good. We opened presents with the Holmbergs and that was so fun. Then we went to the Woods home to Skype home. Man I really love and miss my family, that was such a good phone call to see everyone and talk for a little bit. Brenden's voice is much deeper so that was really funny. I just could not believe it haha.

Saturday: We had Coordination with the Ward mission leader, then immediately after that we went to the church and played basketball for 2 hours with lots of people. They we planned for a little bit. Then played some volleyball for 2 hours. I love volleyball!!! It is so fun!! After that I was pretty sore though, cause you know me I don't like to lose so I go all out. It was pretty hard to walk after just because my legs were beat haha.

Sunday: We went to church and it was good, other than no investigators came. But after church we gave two blessings. Then we had Brunch at a less actives home. They are so cool! Then we had a lesson with a recent convert about helping him receive the priesthood and what he has to do to get it. Then we ate a the Milne's there son returned from his mission last Wednesday and it was cool talking to him about his mission. He was serving in Mexico. Then we did some planning the rest of the night because we are a little bit behind on that.

Tomorrow I am going on exchanges with my District leader Elder Richins who is going to play shortstop at BYU when he gets home. So I am pumped for that. He is a Spanish Elder so hopefully I can learn some more Spanish :) But thanks for all the emails and everything. I had a great Christmas and hope all of you did as well.  Have a great New Years. I love you all!


Elder Anderson

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