Monday, December 21, 2015

Season 4 Episode 2 Christmas Week (Lake Marion, MN)

Hello Everyone!! Man I had a great week! It is so much fun being a missionary at this wonderful time of the year. :)

Monday: We went to the Holden's for dinner. They are such a cool family! I really love them a lot. She made the best sweet potatoes ever. WOW! And then as. I was leaving they gave me lots of little gifts and Bro Holden gave me his new tie he just got. Man it was so nice. I already miss that family.

Tuesday: I saw a few members I wanted to say goodbye to before I left. Then pretty much the rest of the day we went Christmas Caroling and handed out our gifts that we made to the members. It was really cool! Then we had dinner with the Wiggs and Jones family. They are another one of my favorite families. They gave me all these gifts too. It was so nice of them! I will really miss Thunder Bay!

Wednesday: My last full day in TBAY. We had breakfast at Brian Finlayson's. He gave all of us tons of gifts too. He bought us these Canada Beanies that are sweet. :) Then Bro Holden took us to A&W. And he gave back my Testimony Journal that I wanted him to write in. Then we did some more caroling and delivering the pretzels we made. Then at 9:30 two members came to our house and gave me some gifts.

Thursday: I finished packing in the morning and got everything ready. Then we left TBAY. It was sad leaving! But the Lord needs me in another place though! We had Zone Pday when we got there. We played a game called 3 step dodgeball it was super sick! Then we went to a place called Adventure Zone and we played Lazer Tag, Mini Golf, I even got in the batting cage and hit some baseballs. That was good to hit again! :) Then after that we went to a place in Duluth called Bentleyville. It is like a ton of Christmas lights and it was really fun! 

Friday: We had Christmas Conference with President Forbes. It was sweet, we sang lots of songs and really felt the spirit. It was overall a great conference. Then we watched the movie " The Sound of Music " Everyone says that is a classic movie, but I had never seen it before. It was okay.. People talked way too good about it for what it was. Then after all that was done, I said bye to the Thunder Bay Elders because they had to get on the road so they could make it back in time for bed. So that night I went on Exchanges with one of the Duluth Zone Leaders ( Elder Harris ) And one of the AP's ( Elder Gardiner ) We taught 3 lessons, I learned a lot from both of them. They gave me lots of advice, it was a really good time!

Saturday: The AP's helped me get all my stuff into their truck and then we left Duluth and started driving to go to Lakeville for my new area. It was a really fun drive! They are super cool, we had lots of fun jamming out to some Christmas music!! Then once I got to the Area I met Elder Knaphus. He is super awesome! He looks exactly like Clark Kent ( Superman) Like EXACTLY!! Hahah! He is such a nice guy too. I am excited to work with him. Then we went and played volleyball with lots of members of the ward, I guess we do it every Saturday from 2:00-4:00. So that is really cool! It was really fun! I met the Sister missionaries that serve in the same ward as us, and they are super cool. Then we went to a Christmas party for a little bit and I got to meet lots of people. A lot of people here know where Spanish fork is and have been there so it was really fun talking about that! 

Sunday: We had church, which was really fun! Man the ward is so big compared to Thunder Bay. It is just like a Utah ward pretty much hahah!! Then we had lunch at a less active members home and it was fun. They are from Texas and man do they have accents haaha! Then we gave a FHE lesson at a members home and showed the the video " Why We Need A Savior". Then we went to another members home and made Gingerbread houses. Our GingerBread house was the Snowflake Arizona temple. It looked pretty sweet, I did not get a picture of it though.. Then we went caroling with some other members and the sister missionaries. We met a lot of cool people and showed " A Savior is Born" To all of them. It was a really good night:)

I am excited to be in my new area! We are going to see a lot of success. I really love this Christmas season. It is definitely one of the best Christmas seasons I have ever had!! Mainly because I really am focusing on the true meaning of Christmas:) I hope you all have an amazing Christmas!! You all mean so much to me. I can't believe I have been out 5 months now. That is weird. I love you all! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!


Elder Anderson

Christmas Conference:

Right before we left TBAY:


Lake Superior:

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