Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Season 3 Episode 5 " Bowling "

Hello everyone!! It is Christmas season, how crazy is that? Man, it really is the best season!! The new Christmas Video " A Savior is Born" Is so awesome, if you have not seen it I highly encourage you to go look it up.

Tuesday: I went on Exchanges with Elder Bettridge from Cedar City, he is super cool! We taught 2 lessons to investigators and 1 to a recent convert. It was super fun day! Later that night we had a lesson with a guy named Jonothan. He is super awesome and at the end of the lesson he asked me to give him a blessing to help him overcome his addictions. It was really scary, but it went well. 

Wednesday:  We had District meeting, that was really good! Then we went to a recent converts house named Brian, he is so cool, every day he drops off sometime of food at our house. He does not have a car either, he just walks! He is a very good example of serving others I really appreciate him. Then we had a thanksgiving dinner at a members home.

Thursday: We did lots of service, we were shoveling snow for some members that are old. Then a less active member who only has one leg asked us if we would help him get his groceries. That was really fun! We then had dinner at the Holdens, probably my fav family in the ward. They fed us twice this week, once on Monday and Thursday. It was a really good Thanksgiving Dinner. Man were the sweet potatoes amazing😮 Me and the kids in there family really have a bond, it is super fun we made GingerBread houses with the kids :)

Friday: It was planning day..... But early in the morning the High Preist's invited us to a breakfast at a place called the Woking Bird. It has really good breakfast food I really enjoyed it. Then we planned for like 4 1/2 hours. We also had basketball that night so it was really fun to do that! We had a good turn out.

Saturday: We finished out planning because we did not finish the day before.. Planning really is so hard to have patience for. We plan like 4 backup plans for every plan. So it just takes forever. But the Lord is definitely teaching me something. Then we had an idea, one of our investigators Kashuik is really similar to one of our members Greg Mulzer. So we had an Idea to go Bowling with both of them and help them create a bond so he will feel comfortable at church. So we gave President Forbes a call, he was totally cool with it! So we went cosmic bowling with them, It was so sick! I have some pictures I will send. Our white shirts and ties were so bright in there haha man it was cool.

Sunday: We had church of course. It went really well! We talked to lots of members about the Christmas Party coming up this Friday. We are serving the food for the ward. So that should be a really fun night! But also the new video came out " A Savior is Born" I really like it, I am glad I get to go around and share it with everyone. But also I found out that the first 12 days of December there will be a new video coming out every day about Christmas. I challenge all of you to watch them!

I had a pretty good week overall! It is super fun being a missionary in the Christmas season. Hahah we jam out to David Archuleta Christmas songs. It is so much fun! In just a few weeks we are going to go Christmas Carolling. I hope you all will remember the true reason we celebrate Christmas. I really love the emails you guys send! They are so uplifting and inspiring. I can't believe I get to talk to my family this month over Skype. I love you all have the best week.

1) Bowling Saturday Night
2) Me and Elder Bettridge last Sunday haha
3) GingerBread house I made at the Holdens

Elder Anderson

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