Monday, December 7, 2015

Season 3 Episode 6 " Oh Come All Ye Faithful "

Hey Everyone. This week has been really good! I am loving the Christmas Season here in T-Bay. It is so great sharing " A Savior is Born " with members and non members. People really love it. Also on there is a video each day until December 13th of famous LDS members. Go watch it!

Tuesday: We had P day. We went to lots of stores because we needed lots of things. Then we ate at a members home and they invited us to sing in the choir that night. So Later that night we went to the practice they had at the church. It was really fun! None of us are good at all... But it still is super fun. I really want to be able to sing! Hahah! I think it would be so cool. Then Elder Percival and Elder Lowe got here at about 11:30, there drive up here from Duluth was pretty intense because all of the snow.

Wednesday: We had District Meeting with the Zone Leaders. It went really well! Me and Elder Adamson gave a training on being " Lovingly Bold " to our investigators and to everyone. Then later we had a meeting with our ward mission leader. Man those meetings are boring.. He just likes to go on and on.. What is really weird though is instead of saying " You Guys " He says " Yous" which is so wrong.. Man Canadians are weird. Lots of people say it but especially him.

Thursday: I said goodbye to Elder Percival. He has been my Zone Leader since I first got here on my mission. He has been such a good example to me! I will miss him a lot! But he said he is going to email me when he gets home so that is cool. All the missionaries I was serving around at the very beginning are all home now. That is crazy!

Friday: It was planning day.. Sometimes I feel like all I do is plan. It is so boring. But in the middle of our planning we got a call that a member needed a blessing. I gave the blessing! It went well. The spirit really does take over in blessings. I always worry about what to say, but I never should be cause if the spirit is there, he will take over. Then that night we had the ward Christmas Party. It was such a blast! We served the food to all of the members. I really love the people here and when I leave I will be very sad! Us missionaries showed everyone the new video and challenged them all to share it, whether it be on social media or in person with someone. I want to leave the same challenge with you guys. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Whatever social media you can. If you do share it, I want an email about it! :)

Saturday: From 12:00 - 4:00 we were at a less active members house cutting/moving wood for her so she can be warm for the winter. I was using the axe for the entire time, it was super fun! Really hard work, so I am a little bit sore from it but it was a great time. Then one of the members that came to help us do that invited us over for dinner that night. They bought us Chinese food, it was super good! I also heard that Bronco Mendenhall left to Virginia. Maybe BYU will actually do good now! hahah!

Sunday: We had the Stake President at our ward. He left his house at 3:00 in the morning to get to our church on time, that is how far away the stake is.. Then we had Church which went well. Then we went over to a few active members houses and showed them " A Savior is Born " also we showed " Why we need a Savior." You should go watch both of them. They are incredible. Then at night we went to the Wiggs home to watch the Christmas Devotional. I really liked it! This Christmas Season has been the best because I am actually focused on the real reason of Christmas and that is Jesus Christ.

I can't believe it is already December. Time is flying! Keep sending me awesome emails. They help me more than you know! 

Also, I heard Nick Emery punched a Utah player. Hahaha I don't blame him I would probably do the same thing ;) Hahaha Jk!! 

Have the best week!

Elder Anderson

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