Monday, February 27, 2017

The Power of the Fast with Elder Johnston

Hello Everyone, 

This week was a a good week. We saw some miracles happen! It was really fun! Our investigator Ken Borton is really progressing. On Tuesday we had a lesson with her and Erin Rodgers was the member who came a long with us. She is really into reading the Book of Mormon, she understands the scriptures pretty well. So we talked a lot about the Godhead and the roles that each of them have. She does not really have a belief in Christ so we were trying to help her understand why we need a Savior, but it just wasn't clicking for her. We showed the video "The Hope of God's Light" which talked about fasting and praying to know if God was really there. At the end of the video we committed her to fasting on Sunday to know if Jesus Christ is real and actually suffered the Atonement. Saturday night after dinner is when we started the fast, she went to a concert that night. But she was talking to her friend who is not a member of the church and she taught her a lot about Jesus Christ. Everything really clicked with her! Sunday she came to church and it was really great for her. She loves the members, she says it feels like she is going to a family reunion every single week haha. Later in the afternoon we had a lesson with Ken. We taught her the Plan of Salvation. One of the best lessons ever! It really helped her see the bigger picture. She says that she is really starting to believe in Christ and that she believes the Fast really helped her with that. She then went on to tell us that she could see herself becoming a member soon! Something that helped me a lot was that she said "if you ever feel like you weren't successful on your missions, think of me. You have helped change my life!" When she said that both Elder Johnston and I had tears in our eyes. The spirit was so strong! She is really gaining her own testimony. Ken is one amazing girl! We will be inviting her to be baptized tomorrow in our lesson with her. We really hope that we can set a date with her then! 

We had a couple of other cool miracles during the week, we were in Two Harbors which is 45 miles north of Duluth. We were trying to see some Less Active members who lived up there because we had been getting member referrals to go visit them. We went to visit the Olsen's who live in the middle of nowhere we knocked on the door and a big man answered the door and was not very nice. He asked who we were and what we wanted, we told him we were the missionaries and then he got his wife who is actually who we were looking for and we were able to go in and meet her and her 3 kids. They all have not been to church in years and we were able to share a message with them and commit them to church. They ended up not coming to church, but they want us to come back next Saturday so that was cool.

This week was good, we needed one good things to happen. It has been kinda slow lately. But that just means we gotta get to work! We sure did that! We went all out! Relied on the Lord and he blessed us for our efforts. Hope you all have a wonderful week! 

1. Miracle from Sunday Night.
2. Plan of Salvation Lesson with Ken.
3. Throwing a snowball at my companion.

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