Monday, February 13, 2017

Minnesota is A M A Z I N G! Duluth with Elder Johnston

Hello family and friends,

        This week was another good one. Lots of driving though! We found outon Monday that Elder Johnston and I are both staying in Duluth whichis awesome. But we had a couple of missionaries get transferred fromthe zone so we had to help with travel down to Bloomington. So on Wednesday we drove down the STL's to Bloomington for transfers. It was good to see some of my old companions and missionaries I served around. Up here in Duluth you don't see a whole lot of missionaries often so it was nice to see some!
 We had MLC Thursday so on Wednesday evening we needed a place to work so we went with the Assistants on exchanges and so I went with Elder Oldroyd and we also took a new missionary out with us who arrived 3 hours previous of that! Elder Bradshaw who happens to be in the Duluth Zone. He is being trained by Elder Lowell in Virginia! We had an awesome night we taught 3 lessons. We had a lesson with a less active member and shared a scripture about serving, we taught Jennifer their investigator the plan of salvation and it went really well. It was so
cool to go out with a brand new missionary! He is really great! I love Elder Bradshaw already.
Thursday we had MLC and it went really well! We got a lot of training from President Forbes about how to correct missionaries in a loving way which was really great. I learned a lot! We also talked a lot about how we are going to apply the change in new key indicators. Overall it was really great! I caught up with a lot of the Elders and Sisters i served around in the Anoka Zone!
       Friday we had a cool day. Our investigator Ken invited her college friends over from down in the twin cities and they had a lot of questions for us. We taught the restoration and the plan of salvation in one lesson. It was really cool! We were there for a while and they all want to meet with missionaries now. So we just sent a Referral to the missionaries in the cities. Ken called us later that night telling us that she reading the scripture 2 Nephi 2:11 about opposition in all things. She was asking us what that meant and we talked to her for a good 15 minutes about the scripture! She then told us that she has been praying every night like we invited her to do and she said her faith in God is really increasing. When we met her 3 weeks ago, she didn't believe in God, how cool is that?

        She asked us what our favorite stories/chapters are in the Book of Mormon. So i lead her to Alma chapter 18 because i love that story about Ammon. She called us last night after she read it and said that she really liked it! I asked her how it could apply to her in her situation and she told us that we are like Ammon and that she is like King Lamoni. How cool is that? I love Ammon and we felt pretty cool to be compared to Ammon!

        We are really excited about Ken and how she is progressing! But we want to be teaching more people so we are going to be finding a lot more! Hopefully we can get some warmer weather this week! I love being here in Duluth its really fun!

Pictures -
1. A lesson with Ken and her two friends. Ken is on the left!
2. Driving the AP's truck.
3. Picture from Bloomington.
4. Dunking the basketball.

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