Monday, December 12, 2016

It Actually Feels Like I'm in Minnesota Now .... Medicine Lake with Elder Newbold

Hello Everyone,

        We had a really good week. The snow is falling and it is pretty cold outside. It is currently 2 degrees, with windchill it is -11. It really feels like Christmas season now, which I actually love. This week was a good one. We had a great district meeting Tuesday, Elder Newbold and I gave a training from chapter 2 in Preach my Gospel. It was a good meeting. We had a lesson with Antoinette and her boys. That lesson went really well. We were reading 2 Nephi 31 and Elrad a 12 year old was taking lots of notes. He was writing things like "The Doctrine of Christ is the way to salvation" I am amazed with this entire family every time that we teach them.

Wednesday: We had a basketball game The Grapes (Youth) Vs. The Raisins (Adults). We were invited to play and we played on the grapes team. It was super sick! We ended up losing.. But it was fun to be with a lot of the members in the Ward. We had a lesson with our investigator Johnny after the game. We took brother Willoughby and he was perfect for him. He related the gospel really well to him and was pretty bold. Johnny is really progressing. :)

Thursday: We had a district meeting with the Weaver Lake District. We went to the Brooklyn Park chapel and it was an incredible meeting. I felt the spirit very strongly and was motivated to work! Then we went on exchanges with Weaver Lake. I went with Elder Weissinger in our area. We started off by tracting for about 45 minutes. No one really answered. We did talk to a lady who knew about the rule of 3 and said that we could come back when her husband is home. We then had a lesson with Todd Barberis. It was great! That man continues to amaze me and it makes me very happy to see how much he is reading from the Book of Mormon. We had a pass off lesson with the Crystal Elders after that. Elder Weissinger is from California and talks more than I have ever really heard someone talk hahah.. To be honest it was like a one way conversation of him just shooting a bunch of information into my head hahah. To say the least at the end of the night I was very tired and excited to sleep. Elder Weissinger is a convert and I really love that Elder.

Friday: We exchanged back in the morning after studies. We had planning and accountability in the early afternoon. We had a lesson with Boimah, one of the sisters investigators. It was a pass off lesson because Boimah was kinda being creepy to the sisters and we just all felt like it would be better if we taught him instead.

Saturday: we had coordination in the morning with Brother Gruber and the Sisters. We had service with Dave Smith. He made really good pancakes which I loved! We had a lesson with a new recent convert who moved from Virginia a couple of months ago that we never met. His name is Jerry Nyumah, we had a lesson with him and when we got there he had 3 roommates there as well, we invited them to come a long and listen to the lesson. We shared the #LightTheWorld video and then taught the restoration from that. They all committed to reading and praying about the Book of Mormon. We were super excited about that! We then had a lesson with a less active member who we had never met before, Michael Taylor and his roommate Preston. We shared the #LightTheWorld video and again taught the restoration to Preston while Tyler Driskill (Recently Returned missionary) talked to Michael. It was really cool. The Ward Christmas party then happened. It was really fun! I love this Ward! Leroy Williams then came joint teaching with us to Johnny, but he wasn't there so we took Leroy home. 

Sunday: We had Ward council in the morning, after Ward council we got a text that was a referral and at first I was really excited but then we looked who it was and it was Leroy Williams a recent convert who doesn't remember a lot of things. He referred himself on because he wants to meet with us like everyday. We went joint teaching with him the night before hahah. He is so funny! We had our investigator Steven there at church. Sister Jones brought him and it went well. After our Sacrament meeting I had the opportunity to interview someone for baptism that the weaver lake elders are teaching. His name is Femi and wow was that a cool experience. He is very ready for baptism! :) Michael Henstrom is a 18 year old in the Ward with down syndrome and he is one of the best people ever. He was telling everyone in Elders quorum how much he loves them. He is a bit hard to understand but he's amazing! Steven our investigator after Elders Quorum goes up to Michael and puts his hand out like darth Vader does when he is choking someone out and he actually puts his hand on his neck and starts saying "In the name of Jesus Christ I command your throat to be opened, your voice and tongue to be loosed. In Jesus name I pray amen. Now say amen Michael" it was one of the weirdest things. He is a very interesting man! After church we had a lesson with Daniel Hansen. He is really doing well and since we met him a month and a half ago, he is doing much better! We had dinner with the Lamprechts another sweet couple in the Ward. The Minnesota Mormon Chorale came to the stake center for a fireside and it was a really cool experience. They are a miniature Mormon tabernacle choir. We brought Steven and Leroy to that! It was incredible.

I cannot tell you how much I love being a missionary especially during this Christmas time. It makes me so grateful for the savior and everything he has done for us. His birth is why we celebrate Christmas. We need to always remember that He is the reason for this season. I love this gospel and it makes me so happy to go out and share it every single day. You will be blessed and your testimony will grow as you share it. I love you all and have a great week!

1 Nephi 8:12
1. Weaver Lake Ward Party.
2. A funny video elder Newbold made haha

Love, Elder Anderson

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