Monday, January 25, 2016

Season 5 Episode 1: "Bye Elder Knaphus:("

Hello everyone,
This week I hit 6 months out. I cannot believe it! Hahah it's weird. Time just continues to going by so fast. 

Monday: We found out transfers. I am staying here in Lakeville in the Lake Marion Ward. Elder Knaphus is going to Rochester to be a Zone Leader. I will miss him a lot. He is such a good Elder. 

Tuesday: We had a Zone Breakfast for our final goodbye. Our whole zone was pretty tight. It was really sad to see some of them leave. It's crazy how close you can get to someone in just a short period of time. Then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and a few of us Elders did the "Blazing Hot Challenge" That was a mistake. You have to eat 12 wings in 6:00 minutes with the Ghost Pepper Sauce all over them. If you complete it, you get a Buffalo Wild Wings t shirt. That was my motivation. I mean how cool would that be to have that? But I did not get it, I ate 9. It was very hard hahah. Then we went and said goodbye to some of the our favorite members for Elder Knaphus. It was really sad. Some of the members here we love like they are family. And they love us like we are family! So it is difficult saying goodbye. Luckily I don't have to do that for at least 6 weeks.

Wednesday: We had the missionary broadcast. I really enjoyed it! I learned a lot from it and took some good notes. It talked about the Role of the Holy Ghost in conversion. It helped me understand more that we are not the teachers. The Holy Ghost is. We are just instruments. Then I said bye to Elder Knaphus :( My new companion is Elder Peterson. He is from Vernal Utah and has been out 4 months. So we are both pretty new to this whole missionary thing. But we are going to see miracles. We just have to work as hard as we can. He is a tennis player and loves Utah State so he reminds me a little bit of Tbeck ( Elder Beckstrom ). 

Thursday: We did service at Prince of peace. I always love doing that! I got to speak some Spanish to some people it was fun. Hahah! Then we cleaned up our apartment. Then had some lessons with some less actives, that was really good. Then we played frisbee at the church with our recent convert Taz it was really fun.  Then later that night I went to the Doctor because my skin. I have had Eczema for a few months now. I thought it would just go away. But it didn't so I finally went to the doctor got that taken care of. Don't worry Mom I am doing good. It is almost gone now.

Friday: We had a lesson with an investigator missionaries here haven't seen in a while. We got in to teach him. It was really good. It kindof funny, he has a bladder problem where randomly he will need to go to the bathroom so he will just stand up and start peeing in a bottle in the middle of a lesson. So that is interesting..  Then we stopped by a less active member and she made me mittens and a beanie with my favorite colors and my name on them and everything. It is so sweet! We have come really close. I really love her a lot. She is awesome.

Saturday: We had meetings in the morning. Then we had lunch at subway. Then we had volleyball, that was really fun. We had dinner with another one of my favorite families, the Holmbergs. He took us to Arby's. Then we had a lesson with Bro Stanich about being honest. He is 69 years old and has a lot of health issues. We try to visit him like twice a week. He is someone I really love a lot too.

Sunday: We had church which was good. I introduced my new companion to like everyone, that was good. But I barely know anyone in our ward so it is difficult. We are both new. But we will get this down. Then we had Brunch with the Richards they are like family. They are so cool! They make the best food too. Then we went to Mission Presidents fireside. That was really good. They have recent converts speak on there conversion story. It is something so good to get Investigators our to. We were not able to get any out.. :( But Bro Stanich drove us that was really good. I really enjoyed it! I got to see some of my MTC buddies. I love them! Man it was so good to see them.

I had an okay week. I was stressed a lot! But once we get in the swing of things we will be good. This first 6 months I have struggled a lot. But also grown so much! I am so grateful for trials in our lives. It is difficult to always think like that. But as we trust in our Savior and Heavenly Father and endure through those trials. We will grow so much and be able to see more happiness. I am so grateful to be serving a mission at this time. My testimony is strengthening so much. Keep strengthening your testimony by just doing the little things. Praying every day, reading from the Book of Mormon, going to church each Sunday. I promise you as you do these things with real intent. You will see more blessings in your life than you can imagine. "By small and simple things are great things brought to pass" 



Love, Elder Anderson

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