Monday, January 18, 2016

Season 4 Episode 5: "Church, Nah, it's too Cold"

Hello Family and Friends,
Another week is down. Wow it's crazy! I hit my 6 month mark this week! I am burning a tie this week hahah! But we had another crazy busy week. 

Monday: We had Zone P day. We played minute to win it games! It was so much fun. I really like the Lakeville zone.  Then we at dinner at the cupkies, they love missionaries and will buy us absolutely anything. So all we have to do is just ask! Haha. Then we taught the Restoration to our recent convert named Taz. That went well, we only got through the first few principles. The Preist quorum advisor asked us to give a training on " Joint Teaching with the Missionaries" So Monday night we planned some of it, the training was on Wednesday.

Tuesday: We had Prince of Peace service. I always love that. It was just really cold outside. Then I went on exchanges with Elder Freestone one of the Zone Leaders. It was my first time taking over the area here in Lakeville. So you bet I was nervous! But it actually went really well. We taught 3 Nephi 18 to two less active members. It talks about the importance of the Sacrament and how it blesses us. I really liked it! I think I am becoming a much better teacher. Which is good! We had a dinner with the Ward Mission Leader, he served his mission in Sweden. So obviously I told him the story of Viktor. He loves Stockholm and just went there so he was talking about it. It was really sweet.

Wednesday: We had District Meeting and that went really good. Then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings as a District. Man is that place good! Then one of the sisters, Sister Jolley lost a bet so we went back to the church and she had to shove her face in a cake. It was super funny haha! Then we did some more planning for the training we were giving to the Priests. Then we gave the training, we did a role play teaching an " Investigator" and we taught the restoration in front of all of them. It was a little bit scary but it went really well actually. Then we ran over to a members home because they made us scarfs. :)

Thursday: We had service at Prince of Peace. It was really good :) Then we had lunch with a less active member.  She really opened up to us! She has been offended in the past by members so it is hard for her to come back to church. But just being her friend and listening to her and truly loving her is what is going to touch her heart. So that's Kind Of what we are doing with her. Then we had Ultimate Frisbee at the church with Taz and a bunch of other people. That was really really fun! Then later that night we had Bible Study. That is good. Sometimes it's just a little bit boring.

Friday: Weekly planning day! Then we had a few teaching appointments, but they didn't happen.. Then we went to Smash Burger with a less active family. They are like my favorite! They love us so much, it is so cool. Then the Sisters called us and asked us if we would be able to help them with moving one of there less active members that they are working with. So we helped with that! Then we went over to another less active members home. Got to know them a little bit better. 

Saturday: We had coordination with our Ward Mission Leader. Then we went to the Church to play basketball. But Scouts was going on until 12:00. So we ate lunch and hung out with the Watkins for a little bit. Then we played some basketball when they left! Then at 2:00 we set up volleyball and played that for two hours. Then we had a handoff lesson from the Zone Leaders because he moved into our area. But something we found out during the lesson is he is going to Jail on Tuesday for 3 months, So I will probably never teach him, because I will probably be gone. But we are going to work with his wife and kids. We are going to make them dinner, because they are struggling financially. Then we went to the church to see if our investigator Trevor was going to show up to soccer. But he never did, so we left.

Sunday: We got a text on Saturday that we are going to have Sacrament Meeting and that it's because it is too cold for families to get out. But for real it was sooo cold. You can feel your nose hairs freeze and it's like the coolest feeling. Then we visited some families and shared some messages with them. We had a dinner with the Davis family. That was really good! Then we visited our investigator Mike and delivered some food. We were talking outside and my eyelids froze shut for like 5 seconds, it was the weirdest thing ever. Hahah. But man it is getting so cold. Luckily I have the stuff to stay warm. Saturday we got a text that we cannot be on bikes and we can't go Tracting. It was too cold! That is insane.

But I am still doing good. Me and Elder Knaphus are getting really close. I really do love him a lot and am learning so much from him each day! Today for p day we are going to be playing a game called 3 step and Wiffle ball. So I am absolutely pumped! :) I hit my 6 month mark this week and I will be burning a tie. I will send a video for next weeks email. :) Love you all! Thanks for the emails each week.

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