Monday, January 11, 2016

Season 4 Episode 4 "-10"

Hello everyone. It's been another good week this week. It has been crazy cold though. It got down to the negatives this week and man it is not too fun. But I will be fine! I have a good coat and boots :)

Monday: We had district P day and we watched " The RM " Man it was so funny. Then we got haircuts and played some volleyball for a few hours. Everyone loves volleyball here! Then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings that night and I got the Jack Daddy Burger. So perfect wow.

Tuesday: We did some service at Prince of Peace. Then we went to a less active members home and made some Crepes for the Sister Missionaries in our ward. We owed them for some reason that I can't remember right now. But that was fun! I am a much better cook than I was when I left hahah. Then we went to the Richards next door neighbors home who are members but less active and cleaned her basement because they have to sell their house by a certain time. 

Wednesday: We cleaned up the apartment. Me and Elder Knaphus are pretty good about keeping it clean. But we just wanted to clean it extra good. Then we had lunch with a member. She made us some good soup with corn bread. Then we went to the Holmbergs and helped them clean out their car. Then we visited a guy named Chuck. He is a Stroke Survivor. He has been through so much but is still going forward. It's quite an inspirational story. Then we ate dinner with the Fitzpatrick's, and immediately after that we went to the Church and played some basketball. We had a good turn out! Lots of non members come, so it is such a good opportunity to meet and introduce ourselves to them.

Thursday: We had service at Prince of peace and man was that busy. But it was really good! Then I went on exchanges with Elder Hodgson from Bountiful UT. He is a Spanish Elder, we went in his area which was fun. I spoke a little Spanish, I was proud of myself hahaha. But we did not see too much success. We stopped by a ton of people and did a bit of Tracting but like no one answered the door. But the good thing about that night, we went to Smash Burger. 

Friday:  We had Zone Interviews with President Forbes. That was good! We also got a training on family history and using that in our work. It really interested me. I would encourage all of you to find some names and take them to the temple. I have a much better view on family history. It is not just for old people, it is for everyone!! Haha! 

Saturday: It was super cold, DANG!!! We had coordination with Bishop Connor and our ward mission leader. Then we played some basketball at the church, then cleaned a old ladies apartment because she can't walk. It really reminded me of my great grandmas house she lived in, it was actually really crazy. Then we went back to the church and played some volleyball with the ward. Two less actives that we wanted to come out, came. I was so happy! They are like my favorite people. Then we went to the Sisters apartment and I gave sister Jolley a blessing. She got really sick! She actually had to go to the hospital and everything. I feel really bad for them. Sister Kirkman got her wisdom teeth out too, so for them they have just been not feeling good. Then we had dinner with a family I can't remember there name haha. Then we went back to the church and planned some stuff out for a little bit. Then played soccer with the Spanish Branch. We invited some people to come out that like soccer but they did not show up.. So that sucked, but the soccer was fun. :)

Sunday: We had church. Wow was it good!! Elders quorum was one of my favorite lessons I have been to on my mission. It was the first chapter out of the Howard W. Hunter book. I felt the spirit so strong. Then we had brunch and the Richards and not much other happened the rest of the day. Just visited a few people. 

 One of my favorite quotes from this week was “If our lives and our faith are centered upon Jesus Christ and his restored gospel, nothing can ever go permanently wrong.” I can testify that is true. I just think that is so powerful. Nothing can go permanently wrong if we center our lives on Jesus Christ and his teachings. I am so grateful to be out here on my mission. I am learning so much! I have met some of my favorite people here. That a truly love. I am thankful to be teaching this wonderful gospel. I hope you all had a wonderful week. Happy Birthday (yesterday) Brenden. Don't wreck my car ;) I love you man! Enjoy being 16! I love you all! Talk to you next week


Elder Anderson 

These pictures were posted on facebook by Sister. Cupkie. This is Elder Knapsus and Elder Anderson were eating dinner with Sister. Cupkies' family after their p-day activities.

Fun P-Day activities with his District:

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