Monday, November 9, 2015

11-09-15 O CANADA (Thunder Bay, Canada)

Hello Everyone!! Another week down. It is going quite fast and slow at the same time. Hahah! This week we did quite a bit.

Tuesday: We had some time and did some finding, but then later I realized that I had something wrong with me (If I explained it any deeper than that you guys would be grossed out) So anyway, I called the mission office to see what they thought I should do. They told me that I needed to go to the Clinic in Virginia, Virginia Minnesota that is haha. Which was like a 5 hour drive. The reason I had to go there was something about Insurance not covering here in Canada. So I had to go back down to the US.

Wednesday: Then we drove all day. I ended up being fine. But man a 10 hour drive was not very fun. I guess getting to know Elder Adamson was pretty fun.

Thursday: We did some service at the Shelter House here in town. It is always fun to go there and help prepare a meal. Then we went knocking on doors. We are trying to find much more people to teach. I am not a fan of knocking doors, but that might be how we are going to see miracles. I try and have the best attitude I can knocking on every door.

Friday: We helped a less active put up his christmas tree. So that was fun! He is very lonely and does not do much. I really feel bad for him! Then we ate at a members house, they are super cool! I really enjoy member meals. Then we played basketball with the ward. That is always fun. Elder Bettridge is a baller so that is fun to guard eachother and compete.

Saturday: We did lots and lots more knocking doors. We found some new people to teach though! So that is good! I am excited to teach them. I am getting less and less nervous while teaching people so that is good.

Sunday: We went to church and it was a missionary sacrament meeting. Elder Long and Elder Adamson spoke. Then we sang the children's hymn " I'm Trying to be like Jesus" none of us are good at singing so that was
pretty entertaining. At least that is what the members said. They also sang " Oh Canada" For remembrance day here. Other than Elder Long none of us knew it. So all the members were laughing at us haha. Then we ate at the Bishops house. He is cool! Then we went back to knocking doors again. So it really feels like all I am doing is knocking on
doors. But we will see miracles as we do so in faith.

All the emails are amazing thank you! Remember to keep sending pictures. I love pictures! I miss everyone, but I am right where I am supposed to be.

Kakabeka Falls just outside Thunder Bay ( The only cool thing to see here )

Elder Anderson ❤😘

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