Monday, May 8, 2017

Transfer Week in Bloomington: New companion Elder Last

Hello Family and Friends,
I apologize for not emailing last week because we were busy with transfer stuff. Monday was really fun, we did a lot of transfer stuff with President Forbes and the board came out. It was really fun! Later that evening we taught our investigator tom Walters. He is a cool guy! Tuesday we had the departing missionaries in the mission home doing their departing stuff with President and Sister Forbes. Elder Johnston is going home in the middle of the transfer so he was their and it was just so weird to see him getting ready to go home. He leaves the 31st of May to go back for football practice. That evening they had all the departing missionaries share their testimonies and wow was that a powerful experience to be apart of.
Wednesday we had breakfast with all the departing missionaries and then we packed all their stuff into the van to take them to the airport to drop them off. Sister Frank a Sister missionary who I served around a lot had her parents show up at the mission home. It was so cool to see her and her parents see each other again. We then drove all the departing missionaries to the airport. It was 7 sister missionaries and 1 elder.  After we got back I went with President and Sister Forbes to pick up the new missionaries at the airport. It was so fun to greet them all, Elder Last (my new companion) and I gave a little training to them about inviting someone to be baptized. It was really good, i love the excitement these new missionaries have. Wednesday was a crazy day, but it was really great!

Thursday we had MLC, Elder Last and I gave a training on how to make companionship exchanges the most effective as possible. It went well! We had a good discussion. MLC always seems to go well.
Friday was nice because we finally got to slow down and clean up our apartment, and get to work in our area. Elder Last is my new companion, he is from Hurricane UT. He has been out on his mission 14 months and is a really solid elder. We have a lot of good work to do here in Bloomington and we are gonna work our tails off to see success this transfer. Saturday we taught two men named Solo Hne and Peter Matatlay, they are from Liberia and really have interest in learning more about the gospel. We taught them briefly about the restoration and it went well, peter committed to coming to church. He came to church on Sunday and that was a good experience for him.

I am doing well in the mission and loving it! We are working hard, this is God's work, we have the blessing of sharing this with the world. I invite you all to look for more missionary opportunities and open your mouth! Have a wonderful week. D&C 33:8-10

1) Elder Last and I after service
2) my vehicles i have driven in the last two areas

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