Monday, April 10, 2017

Twins Game with Elder Oldroyd

Hello Everyone,

        This week was a great one. We had many things going on. Tuesday we had Mission Leadership Counsel, that went well. Elder Oldroyd and I lead a discussion on the importance of Role Plays. Overall MLC was a good experience and I think we were all uplifted.

        Wednesday we had new missionary training so all the new missionaries came to Bloomington and we had pretty much a zone conference for all of them. We gave a training on Planning for our investigators. It went fairly well. I love seeing all these new missionaries. They have so much faith and are so excited and scared at the same time. I remember being the exact same way, like a deer in the headlights.

        Thursday we had the twins game as a mission. Well at least all the missionaries in the Twin Cities. It was super awesome to see all my missionary friends and to watch my favorite game in the world. The Twins played the Royals and beat them 5-3 it was a good game and I was happy to see the twins doing so well. Elder Oldroyd got to be on the big screen because he was apart of a competition where they flipped water bottles and was trying to land them straight up. He lost though.. Elder Harper won though so that was good. The game was actually pretty windy and cold we were in the shade so it was even a little colder, but anything to be at a MLB game. After the 6th inning we couldn't really feel anything anyway we were just numb.

        Friday we went on exchanges with the Karen Speaking Elders. I got to teach a couple of lessons with them, even though I had no idea what they were saying. It was really cool, we sat on the floor for both lessons. They like to sit criss cross apple sauce. I actually can't sit like that very comfortably so I was moving around quite a bit haha. But the overall experience was cool. The Karen speaking people are so nice, the Elders told me that every door they knock on, they get in. They teach lessons all day long, it is really cool. I got a Karen name as well, the investigator told me mine and it translates into " Sweet Miracle" So i was pretty excited about that!

        We have been sharing the Easter video #PrinceofPeace with everyone and it has been really great. One night this week we were actually trying to tract down this women who referred herself on, but she was not home. So as we were walking out of the apartment we see this lady on her knees looking through her purse with this man standing there as well. So we started talking to them and found out that she was a member but had been inactive for many years. We asked her what she was doing and she said that she had lost her keys to the car. We told her that when we lose things we like to pray and ask for help to find it. So we prayed with her and not even 10 seconds after amen she grabs her keys right out of her purse. What a miracle. We tried to share the video and she was not really interested, but we both know that experience had an impact on her. Down the road she will become active again. It was just a testimony to me, that God really is there. He watches over every single one of us! Prayer is a real. God answers prayers when we have faith.

This week was honestly good, just a little bit stressful. But stress helps you grow right? Haha anyway, thanks for supporting me out here! Have a wonderful week.

1) Elder Oldroyd and I in MLC haha
2) Twins game
3) New Missionary Training
4) President Forbes playing catch
5) President Forbes, ELder Oldroyd, Elder Jones and I
6) Lesson I had in the Karen Elders

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