Monday, March 20, 2017

Transfer to Bloomington to Serve as Assistant to President Forbes with Elder Oldroyd

Hello mom and dad,

I am emailing you at such an early time to let you know that I got called to be the assistant to President Forbes. I will probably not be emailing today because I will be doing transfers. My new companion is Elder Oldroyd! I am kinda freaking out I got like 2 hours of sleep.

Talk to you soon! :)


That is so awesome honey!! I love you very much. Don't get too stressed out. I know you can do it. You will be so good with the new missionaries and help them feel motivated and happy. You were born to do stuff like this. I have always known it. Just relax and be yourself. You can do this. I'm so happy you will be with Elder Oldroyd. You will do amazing things together!! I love  you.

Love, Mom

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