Monday, July 11, 2016

Season 8 Episode 6

Hello Family and Friends,

We find out transfers today. I got a call this morning from the AP he told me I am going to be a Zone Leader in the Anoka Zone. That makes me very sad to leave this wonderful area in Red Wing. I am going to miss it a lot!! Worst part of the mission is saying goodbye to so many people.. I know that the Lord needs me in my new area though!

Monday:  Well this was like the best day ever!! I love the 4th of July!! But what was even better was I got to go to the Twins game. What was the cool part though, members from my home Ward in Spanish Fork the Johnson's came and picked us up in Red Wing and took us to the game. It was such a cool experience. I am very grateful that they took the time to do that! I will send lots of pictures from the game. Then that night we went to the Fickles house for dinner and fireworks. It truly was a great day! I loved it!

Tuesday: It was a slow day, since we weren't able to do laundry or grocery shopping the day before, we did that. I got some new pants from JC Penny. Then we had dinner at the Voigts.. That was pretty much our day. It was long..

Wednesday: We helped out a non member clean up their yard. There was a huge wind and rain storm. Like 60 MPH winds. It was insane. so like all the streets had trees that had fallen down on them. Then we had a lesson with our investigator Kevin Buck. He just can't give up smoking.. it's sad. Then we went out with a member named Bro Burdick and he took us to see some less actives in the area. We were able to get in with two of them and share messages. It was great!

Thursday: We cleaned the apartment in the morning because it was quite messy. It's crazy how you can honestly feel the spirit more when you are in a clean place. Then we did a lot of phone calls and stop by's. We were not able to see a lot of people, but it was still good. Then we had a lesson that night with a new investigator we have that we found through a member. It was awesome. Elder Kershaw and Matt (the investigator) were talking about fishing and hunting for like 45 minutes hahah they connected very well. Then we taught him the restoration and he said that it really makes sense to him and that he believes in it!

Friday: We did our weekly planning. It actually wasn't boring! It went well!!  We then mowed the Dunlaps lawn. Then we helped someone move the rest of the night. It was a less active family. But from what I heard from the members of the Ward. They abuse the elders quorum by thinking that they are an actual moving company and never coming to church or saying thank you. I think that's sad! So we were helping them for a couple of hours and they were honestly not very nice. Kinda sad to see that! Oh well, I guess it's good that we were able to help out!!

Saturday: We went to sister caulkins neighbor in the morning and helped them move some really heavy things. Then we went to sister caulkins and helped her prepare for a reception or something. Then we went to Lake City and we met with a family that just got there names removed from the church. I think it's because they read Anti Mormon stuff. Makes us sad.

Sunday: Awesome church service. We had Elder Stacey from the quorum of the Seventy at our Ward. Which is cool because my first week in the mission field he was at my Ward in Thunder Bay. He was a very good speaker and brought the spirit. We had two investigators at church which made me super excited! Then we had a lesson with one of the investigators that was there at church. We were teaching the Plan of Salvation and we were talking about the resurrection and he had a really hard time with that. It was honestly hard to teach him after that! But hopefully things will go well in the future.

I am leaving Red Wing on Wednesday. It makes me very sad! I have gained a stronger testimony from serving here in Red Wing. I have come to understand that service is an amazing way of touching people's hearts. Just like in the Book of Mormon when Ammon served King Lamoni and showed him he cared about him. I have been able to do that as I
have been here. I love people very much here! I have seen many miracles. I have gained a stronger testimony of our savior Jesus Christ. That he actually does live today and he truly guides this church. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been here. It's a see ya later not a goodbye forever. I will come back here after the mission to visit people. I love my mission and am grateful for everything that has happened so far! Thanks for your prayers and support. I love y'all!!

Love, Elder Anderson

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