Monday, October 12, 2015

Email from Elder Anderson 10-12-15 (Thunder Bay, Canada)

Hi everyone! Today is Thanksgiving here in Canada and honestly it is not that cool.. No one plays Turkey Bowl like what the heck??

Well this week we went on exchanges and I went with Elder Long. We started knocking doors and we found two potential investigators so that was good. We haven't stopped by yet but we will this week.

I also found out that this next weekend is stake conference and the Neil L. Andersen from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles will be there.We are trying to find a ride down to Duluth so that we can go. We can't drive cause we only have a certain amount of miles per month and we would be way over if we drove down.

Elder Hawkes is leaving in two weeks from Wednesday. That is so crazy. He is so excited to go home! But will miss his mission a lot. Him and Elder Smith one of the other Elders I am staying with are rooming together at BYU-I. So they always talk about college and what they are going to do and stuff. So it is a little bit tough to here that.. But it is okay! My time will come haha!

The weather here is off and on, the past few days it has been good weather, but sometimes it is terrible weather. I guess Winter here is not supposed to be as bad this year. But people always say that. Hahah normally the missionaries here in Thunder Bay are locked in there house for a week or two weeks at a time because it is -40 degrees outside hahah.

We played soccer on Saturday for a few hours which was fun. I made a joke about how much better America is than Canada and everyone was mad hahaha. But it gets annoying because me and Elder Hawkes get all these
jokes about America. (Mostly related to how we have guns, or that we don't have Tim Hortons) hahah it is so stupid. Me and Elder Hawkes get sick of it.

Sorry this email is very unorganized, I usually bring my journal to email so I can remember what I did everyday. But I forgot it today..This past week is just hard to remember because everyday feels the same. hahah!

I heard BYU had a great win this week. LESSGO

I am doing well though. Thank you for your Prayers and Emails.  Love you all

Love, Elder Anderson

This is me and Elder Hawkes on a roof of an apartment building:
 We are wearing our championship ties in this one:)

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