Monday, June 19, 2017

White Wash Train in Shoreview with Elder Burt

Hello Everyone,

        This week was transfers. I got transferred out of Bloomington! It was hard, because I loved being in Bloomington and being so involved with all of the missionaries. It was hard to leave! I found out that I was
white washing training in Shoreview which is in the St Paul Zone. I was super excited to find that out because my entire mission I have wanted to train and I have wanted to white wash and I got them both my last transfer!

        So Wednesday I got all my stuff packed put it in the car and then I just waited for my new companion to land in Minnesota. I went to the mission home and they introduced us to our companions. I am training Elder Burt from Sandy UT. He is a good missionary and we have gotten to know each other pretty well these last couple of days. Our first night together we had a meeting with our ward mission leader to get to know him and a couple of other people in the ward. As we were leaving the church heading to our car in the parking lot a man pulls up as we were about to leave and he gets out of the car and says " my brother died 3 hours ago and I felt like i should come here to talk to someone " Elder Burt gave him a hug and we were able to teach him part of the plan of salvation. We prayed with him and right after that he told us that he feels so much better and he feels warm in his heart. It was amazing! Elder Burt was in shock, he was like " Do things like that happen every day?" Hahah! No, but what an experience!

        We have done service for some members. We taught a baptismal date set in a members home. We have like 2 solid investigators right now, so we have a lot of good work to do ahead of us! We have been working with
the bishop and other ward members to get to know people. Sunday we were asked to teach Gospel Principles. We taught chapter 18 faith in Jesus Christ. The lesson was actually really good! Everyone seemed to like it and i enjoyed teaching it! Everyone in the ward was kinda freaking out because they got white washed, but most members were pretty excited to have us in the ward! I am pumped!

We have some good work to do! More updates next week!

1) Playing ball on Tuesday with the Crystal elders. We taught these guys about the Book of Mormon!
2) in order the missionaries who served in Bloomington
3) Elder Burt and I

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