Monday, June 13, 2016

Season 8 Episode 2: Elder Kershaw

Hello Family and Friends,

        Sorry about last week, we had P day with the Zone Leaders in Hudson, WI. We were playing basketball all day so it was hard for me to email haha. But this week was good.

Monday: Elder Moss packed up all his stuff early in the morning and we went to Hudson to spend p day with the ZL's and we played basketball all day. It was fun! That night I went on exchanges with one of my favorite missionaries Elder Oldroyd who came out the same time as me. We prayed about a street and we went tracting. We did not even have to knock on one door. There was a lady standing outside with her poodle and at first she was like " GO AWAY" , but then we just started having a normal conversation with her and we ended up sharing a message with her and getting a return appointment. That was awesome! :) Then we went with the other elders we were with and played basketball with a
bunch of kids. It was pretty fun! You could say they were all just a bit cocky haha.. ;) Too bad elder Lowe wasn't there, he would have been dunking and it would have been so sick!

Tuesday: We woke up early and the ZL's had there leadership meeting in Bloomington. I said by to elder moss and I went and worked in Oakdale again with the elders there. We did not do much.. It was really boring! Then I met Elder Kershaw and we went home and he got all settled in! That was a long day.

Wednesday: We started off by mowing the Voigts lawn and there yard is very hilly so it was hard haha. Then we went to sister Hamblins and helped her with some of her yard work. Bro Stanich from the Lake Marion ward came again and he took us out to eat at a place called Randy's. It was okay. It was great to see him though, he cracks me up haha. I had him meet bro Edwards and I got a picture with two of my favorite people haha. Then we had coordination later that night.

Thursday: We had a lesson with our investigator Aki. It was a great lesson. Jonny Banks the recently returned missionary came with us and he was great. We talked about the Book of Mormon. He told us he believes it to be the word of God. After the lesson we were talking and we think that he doesn't know what that means he needs to do if the Book of Mormon is true. So hopefully this week we can explain what that means in a little better detail. We went to Cannon Falls with Bishop. He had some people on his mind and we went out to see people. We stopped by 7 people, talked to 5, and got 4 return appointments. Two of them being investigators. We were so pumped after that!! Bishop
Johnson is a great bishop and he just loves missionary work. It is cool to see how the ward here has such a desire to share the gospel. 

Friday: In the morning we actually helped and investigator Danielle White with some yard work in her dads yard. Then we went to the Dunlap's and we were talking to them a little bit and then I started mowing there lawn, then all the sudden it starts hailing super bad and
then the wind starts picking up. So we all run inside and it's crazy winds and hail for like 25 minutes. Once it ends we go outside and tons of huge trees are blown into houses and cars and there was even a little fire. So the Fire Department came and it was just nuts. I will send you some pictures of it! WOW it was something I will not forget. So we ended up just staying there for dinner because on the weather it said there was going to be another huge storm. We shared with the two pamphlets and they want to watch meet the Mormons with us so that's cool.

Saturday: I finished the Dunlap's lawn. Then we went to the ward fishing activity, that was fun! We had a good time there! It was good for elder Kershaw to meet some families in the ward. Then we went to sister dorado's and helped her organize some things so she can move this Friday, she was super bossy and rude to us. Mostly Bro Edwards though. How could you be rude to him? He's like the nicest guy ever hah. Then we went to Lake City to do some finding, we didn't find much success. But we shared a message with the Coons family who I do not really know too well.

Sunday: well that night I didn't sleep like at all.. It was crazy thunderstorms and lighting. Haha so I got up in the middle of the night and just started listening to conference talks because I couldn't sleep. The lighting felt like it was hitting out yard. The house and my bed were shaking.. It was not fun at all.. Then we had church which was good! It was ward conference and Stake Presidency was there. They share very powerful messages. Heather was supposed to come to church but 10 minutes before she cancelled but told us she wanted to meet at 7:00 that night and so we said that would be good. 10 minutes before that she cancelled again. I was pretty frustrated! But as of right now we are meeting with her tonight!

Thanks everyone for everything! Love you all!!

Bro. Edwards and Bro. Stanich:

These are pictures of what the storm did:

Exchange with Zone Leaders:

Elder Anderson

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